Saturday, August 20, 2011

Madsen Konzert in Boston 14. Okt. 2011

Wer will mit?

The Goethe-Institut is sponsoring this MADSEN tour in the USA: 14.10. Boston, MA / 18.10. Washington, DC / 21.10. New York, NY / 25.10. Pittsburgh, PA / 28.10. Athens, GA / 01.11. Dallas, TX / 04.11. Tucson, AZ / 08.11. Long Beach, CA / 10.11. San Francisco, CA / 11.11. Berkeley, CA / 14.11. Eugene, OR / 17.11. Colorado Springs, CO / 18.11. Denver, CO

Und wer ist Madsen?
Lass die Liebe regieren

Warum nicht jetzt? (Why not now?)

Verlasse mich! (Leave me!)

Lach doch mal (Just laugh once)

(mit Luftschlangen!)

Lass uns reden (Let's talk)

Bin ich verliebt? (Am I in Love?) JAZZY

Vielleicht = Maybe

Wir könnten Nachtbaden gehen (We could go skinny dipping) Sie SCHREIEN! (They scream/sing this song)

Du bist wie du bist (You are who you are)

eigenartig = quirky


So was wie dich habe ich nicht gesehen
Nicht zu gross, nicht zu schlecht, falsche und nicht zu echt:

DU BIST PERFEKT! Makellos! Besser als gut.
Einfach gross! Ich waere gern wir du.
Du bist die Perfektion!

Nicht zu alt, nicht zu jung, nicht zu schlau, nicht zu dumm.
Du bist besser als gut!

--> Soll unser Deutschklub zum Konzert hin?
--> Könnten wir dabei etwas Deutsch lernen?
--> Welche Lieder gefallen Dir? Euch?

23. Aug: MEHR über Madsen und das Konzert in Boston:

Madsen is one of Germany's most popular bands. They have been nominated as best live act and appeal in particular to high school students. Their lyrics are easily accessible (and clean!) and they truly rock on stage. And even though they are considered big stars in Germany the band members (three brothers and their best buddy) are completely down to earth - and can't wait to chat with your students after their concerts.

2. LIVE-STREAM CONCERT on 11-11-11 at 8pm West Coast time (5pm here)
Can't make it to a Madsen show? On November 11, there will be a live stream concert in San Francisco which you can enjoy from the comfort of your living rooms. Register for free with U-Stream. The code is:

To get ready for what promises to be the highlight of the school year check out or . On Step into German you'll find videos of the songs Madsen will perform, along with the German lyrics as well as their English translations. You'll be surprised how much you already understand.

We're also really excited to announce the contest "Catch the Madsen Fever" which was only made possible by the generous support of the band. One of the top prizes besides language courses in Germany and iPads will be a trip to Germany where the winners can hang out with Madsen at one of next summer's coolest open-air festivals.

All the concerts on this tour will be hosted by a school. The past few months the Goethe-Institut has been working closely with German teachers from around the US and it's been a terrific cooperation. We owe you a big THANK YOU for being such wonderful partners.

In a couple of weeks our Madsen posters, buttons and postcards will be ready send out. We anticipate filling every seat in every auditorium; the California shows are already sold out, and in Boston, teachers are limited to a quarter to half of their requested tickets.

7. The EVENT
These concerts are meant to be an incredible experience that German students will remember for the rest of their lives. You are invited. BE THERE!

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  1. This looks like its going to be soo fun!
    I think i kinda understood that one song about smiling? And how you should smile even though you have no friends and money?