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Kennedy's speech 1963: "Ich bin ein Berliner"

Many remember the late June scene in front of Brandenburg Gate. Footage link embedded in the following article by Snopes.com

Claim: President Kennedy called himself a jelly donut in his famous 1963 speech in Berlin, Germany.

----> --> FALSE!

Article didn't copy so: Here's the link: http://www.snopes.com/language/misxlate/berliner.asp

Embedded also is the following (very short) New York Times article from April 30, 1988, by chief editorial writer, William J. Miller, which fueled the fires of this RUMOR.

'I Am a Jelly-Filled Doughnut'

Putting words into a President's mouth, or attributing fabricated quotes, as former White House spokesman Larry Speakes admitted he did for President Reagan, may on occasion be preferable to having a President utter clever words dreamed up by his speech writers.

It's worth recalling, again, President John F. Kennedy's use of a German phrase while standing before the Berlin Wall. It would be great, his wordsmiths thought, for him to declare himself a symbolic citizen of Berlin. Hence, ''Ich bin ein Berliner.''

What they did not know, but could easily have found out, was that such citizens never refer to themselves as ''Berliners.'' They reserve that term for a favorite confection often munched at breakfast. So, while they understood and appreciated the sentiments behind the President's impassioned declaration, the residents tittered among themselves when he exclaimed, literally, ''I am a jelly-filled doughnut.''

Ronald Reagan is not the first President to be quoted saying words he never said. In the case of Mr. Speakes, the ventriloquist act would have gone undiscovered but for Mr. Speakes's own admission.

Germany says NO to Nuclear Energy

Wall Street Journal; by Dave Duncan

Germany on Monday said it would close all of its 17 nuclear reactors by 2022, a sharp policy reversal that will make it the first major economy to quit atomic power in the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan. Germany’s move marks a contrast with the U.S. and other countries that have largely stuck to plans to continue pursuing nuclear power. WSJ’s Patrick McGroarty is in Berlin and he has the reasoning behind this decision.

Civil War reenacted in Germany? What? Why?

Caitlan Carroll Story and Photo; originally for THE WORLD weekly news-radio program broadcast from Boston

Von NPR:
Germans love reenacting the American Civil War | PRI.ORG

Civil War reenactments are surprisingly popular in Germany, where Civil War battles are staged outside of Berlin.

On a warm spring morning about 50 miles north of Berlin, Union troops and their Confederate rivals prepare for battle. They are camped out for the weekend at a Wild West theme park in Templin.

About 60 people, mostly Germans, are dressed head to toe in 1860s-period clothing. Women wear hoop skirts. The men are in handmade uniforms with lots of colorful piping and brass buttons. A few young soldiers swing their bayonets.
"I'm a simple soldier, a private," said Tobias Melchurs.

Melchurs, 21, is a business student. But this weekend, he is fighting on the side of the North in two battles -- the bombardment of Fort Sumter and the first battle of Bull Run.

Melchurs belongs to one of the several German groups that engage in American Civil War reenactments about once a month.

Like many of the participants here, Melchurs feels a personal connection to the war.

"There were about 200,000 who had German roots that fought in the Civil War," Melchurs said. "I think it is important for our history."

Every person I speak with mentions this number: 200,000. Many of the participants actually model their characters in the reenactments after one of these German immigrant soldiers. They say it helps them feel closer to the history.

But a lot of the bloodier and more tragic parts of the war seem glossed over – like the punishing number of deaths and the issue of slavery. Ute Frevert, a historian, and head of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, said this sometimes happens when people try to re-live history.

"It is more about fantasies," Frevert said. "That's fair enough; life needs fantasies."

And Frevert pointed out that the fantasy of war is not often indulged in Germany. After World War II, any talk of military glory became socially taboo here.

"As a German I have to be hesitant in the post-1945 culture, because wars are not something that Germans are used to finding fascinating and kind of exciting and appealing," she said.

So for those at the reenactment, it is appealing that the U.S. Civil War took place in another country, in another time. It is safer, even romantic. A lot of fantasies have built up around the Confederacy, thanks to the movie, "Gone with the Wind;" it is a staple of German popular culture.

On the other side of camp, the Confederate soldiers are busy preparing for the battle. More people want to be on the Confederate side, so the Union troops sometimes have to recruit local reenactors from the American Revolutionary War.
Chris McLarren plays a confederate captain from Texas. He is actually an American. He said the Germans are totally immersed in the history.

"The Germans like to do things 110 percent sometimes," McLarren said. "They are perfectionists in many ways and they want to do this the way it was then."

Beyond the history, these events also provide something else — camaraderie. Young private Tobias Melchurs said people at school think he is weird to do this. On the weekend, though, he is just one of the guys.

"The battle is one thing, but we all enjoy it to sit at the fire in the evening or late at night," Melchurs said. "Brothers in arms, yes?"

As we talk, the battle starts. Guns and cannons fire and smoke fills the air.

For these Confederate and Union reenactors, playing war is a safe game in a country that can't help, but remember.

Wie heisst Du in Jedisprache?

Ende März feiert man allerlei etwas, aus dem Leben eines Jedis. Mein Sohn Nicholas (der in Connecticut geboren wurde), will z. B. (zum Beispiel = for example) seinen Jedi-Namen lernen.

Außer dem eingenen (Besides your own name) Name braucht man nur den Ort seines Geburts (one needs one's place of birth), sowohl auch (as well as) die Familienname seiner Mutter (das bin ich, Frau Steinlicht Baker).

So geht das:

Sein erster Name heisst:
--> die ersten drei Buchstaben unseres Familiennames (BAK)
--> die ersten zwei Buchstaben seines angegebenen Names (NI)
--> ALSO: Bakni

Sein Familienname heisst:
--> die ersten drei Buchstaben meines Familinenames, Steinlicht (STE)
--> die ersten drei Buchstaben seines Geburtsorts (die Stadt Torrington) TOR
--> Also: Stetor

So heisst Nico Baker, Bakni Stetor, in Jedi!

-->Jetzt, wie heisst DU in Jedi?

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Burgau Postings

Hallo Ihr alle!

Here's a housekeeping question (or 2) for you.

I'm interested in posting updates from Dueren next month to share our lives and activities with the wider community on both sides of the Atlantic. Would such posting (photos; reports; comments) fit on this forum, or should we start a DIFFERENT blog?

Also, after 350 entries and 1600 comments thus far (impressive-THANKS!), I'm frustrated not to be able to better navigate what has been posted. Initially, I'd been assured there would be a way to sort these posts using bookmarks I set up (MUSIC; SPORT; LANGUAGE LEARNING; CULTURE; POLITICS, etc.). If I'd have known that this would not be possible using BLOGSPOT, I'd never have begun posting on this address.

Another source of frustration all year long with this site for many of us (ME INCLUDED!!!) has been from students wanting to respond, but not being able to. Can anyone comment on why this site has proven so limited in that respect?

Since I do enjoy, and fully intend to continue, blogging, I thought it best to ask you, my awesome readers, what the future of our blog should be/look like?

Suggestions might involve a closed (invitation only) source in which all participants can post to each other.

What is out there?

Many thanks in advance for participating in what I think is an important discussion.

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Der Pentagram und Musik

Was verstehen wir über Mathe?

Hier zum beispiel spricht Dr. Albrecht Beutelspacher aus der Universität in Gießen über das Pentagramn. Hier zuerst geht es mit dem Pentagon (das Fünfeck) los.

Und hier spielt Bobby McFerrin mit dem Publikum. Zusmamen machen sie (they = Bobby McFerrin und die Zuschauer) Pentatonische Musik. Cool, nicht wahr?

Warum verstehen wir automatisch die ,,Pentatonik Scale" -- oder besser, die Fünftonleiter (5 Tone Leader --here: scale)?

Laut (according to) Beutelspacher hat Pythagoras damals (back then) eine Schule über das Pentagramm begründet (founded). In einem Kloster (Cloister) war es gemeinsam über das Pentagramm (und die Nummer 5) gelernt. Sie hatten (had) sehr viel gemacht um das Pentagramm besser zu verstehen.

Was für einen Zeichnen (sign; insignia) hatten sie im Kloster? Den Stern. Natürlich. Der Stern hat 5 äußere (exterior) und 5 innere Ecken. Im Kloster hatten sie auch einen Spruch (a saying): ALLES IST ZAHL.

Findest du das auch interessant? Mathe ist wohl sehr interessant!


Was für Interesse gibt es für diesen Film?

aus Deutschland: Rolltop Computer Concept

--> Es ist eigentlich nichts Neues. Das Video kommt aus 2009.
...(It is actually nothing new............................)

Sorry not to be able to bring the version with higher quality into this blog.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seit 125 Jahren: Berlins Kurfürstendamm (Ku-damm)

Deutsche Welle bringt und unten ein Video über diese tolle Straße.

But before you watch the Video, select the best descriptor for the numbered lists shown:

1. Café, Einkaufsstraße, Kino, Geschäfte

-->a) Stadt -->b) Dorf -->c) Land

2. Romy Schneider, Hollywood, Liselotte Pulver, Tony Curtis

-->a) Fotografen -->b) Filmstars -->c) Touristen

3. Krieg, Zerstörung, Baustelle, Häuser

-->a) Denkmal -->b) Straße -->c) Wiederaufbau

How long is the Ku-damm?
What is the start and end of the Ku-damm?
What are some of the celebrations which have taken place on the Ku-damm?
What are some of the successful businesses located there?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doppelbegabung: Twice Gifted, NKHS Paul Spetrini

Kann er Deutsch? Nein, schade.

Aber er kann sehr viel! Er spielt wunderbar Volleyball und auch Trompete! Schau:

-->Was machst DU gern?

-->Wie oft übst DU, um GUT zu sein ??
(üben = to practice)

Monday, May 16, 2011

World Freestyle Beard Champion

Elmar Weissar of Germany beat 160 competitors from 15 countries for this title. The event took place over the weekend in Trondheim, northern Norway (with homage to the local reindeer, not to mention the Norwegian flag--below-- found in Weisser's beard).

Hier ist ein besseres Foto:

Kannst du die Fahne von Norwegen und auch ein Renntier in dem Bart!?

Germany also won in the "Partial Beard, Freestyle" category with Dieter Besuch's symmetry.

Germany took home 7 gold medals; the USA captured 6.

The politics behind this competition are to put an end to the discrimination of those with facial hair.

--> Wo darf man keinen Bart haben? (Also, bei den New York Yankees... und sonst wo?)

Der Bankraub Duketown, Texas, im Jahre 1823: ein

Der Bankraub Duketown, Texas, im Jahre 1823: ein

Die Fragen sind gut!

Wer? Wo? Wem? Wessen?

Wortschatz Spiele vom Goethe Institut

Spiel mit! Zum lernen:

• Musik
• Kleidung
• Interogatives
• etwas zum essen
• Tiere im Zoo


Heisser Sommer

Hier ist Ein Sommerlied

aus dem Ostdeutschen Film, Heisser Sommer, 1968

Schön ist es ihr in die Augen zu schauen.
All' ich mich -- darin wieder find'.
Schön ist der Tag und schön sind die Worte
In denen wir beide si-nd.

Die Liebe macht leise Worte laut.
Sie ist ein schönes Lied.
Und der Sommer wird jentausend Lieder verwehen (to blow away)
Doch bleiben -- wird unser Lied.

Schöner werden die Küsse die kommen.
Und schöner die Worte, die ich hier noch sag'.
Und die Tage, die wir gemeinsam (in common) sehen
Sind noch nicht (yet) schöner als dieser Tag.



HIEßE SOMMER aus dem Film




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Theo zu Guttenberg "Hat alles nur geklaut"

Worum geht es mit der Doktor Arbeit von diesem Mann? (What's going on in this knock-off of a song by the Prinzen: "Alles nur geklaut" - ?)

-->Is this a fair way to deal with scandal?
-->What are some examples from RI? USA?
-->How affective is this ad?

Kleiner Sohn: ,,Mama, wann kommt Papa wieder?"
Mama: ,,Nach viermal (4x) singen."

Warum fällt von Lena einen riesen Stein ab?

--> Wer ist zufrieden? (satisfied)

--> Was hat tierisch viel Spaß gemacht?

--> Wer feiert rot und blau?

--> Wie viele Leute hat Lena kennen gelernt?

--> Was ist Spitze?

--> Was passiert auf jeden Fall?

--> Lass mich mal drucken! (Was passiert?)

--> Wer hat jetzt Feierabend? (So um 2 Uhr...)

Mach's gut - bis wir uns wiedersehen v. Bianca Shomburg

Könnten wir dieses Lied (oder mindestens das Chor) lernen?!

Songtext geht so ungefähr -- > (rsb 5/15/11: *** Ich bitte um Verbesserungen! ***)

Mach's gut bis wir uns wiedersehen
Das Echo manche Lieder,
und wir im Herzen wieder
Mach's gut, es ist jetzt Zeit zu gehen.
Gefühle die wir zeigen,
bringt niemand mehr zum Schweigen

Das auf geschiet das letzte Lied
geht nie vorbei und ich Träume weit
und tröstet in der Dunkelheit.

Mach's gut, bis wir uns wieder sehen. 1:10
Mein Traum sollt ich begleiten
Und bleib an deiner Seite
Mach's gut, es ist jetzt Zeit zu gehen
Auf ganz verschiedenen Wegen
Dem einen Ziel entgegen.

Irgendwo und irgendwann 1:40
hört alles auf; fängt alles an.
Der Wünsch bewegt die Melodie
doch eh die Botschaft nie ***
Auf geschiet das letzte Lied
geht nie vorbei und träume weit
und tröstet in der Dunkelheit.

Eines Tages gehen wir hinauf einander zu
und ich freue mich heut' schon auch schon drauf
genauso sehr wie du.
Heute das ist morgen für nur Erinnerung
Doch ein Gefühl hält uns für immer jung.

:: < Mach's gut, bis wir uns wiedersehen....
Mein Traum sollt ich begleiten
Und bleib an deiner Seite ***
Mach's gut, es ist jetzt Zeit zu gehen 2:53
Doch dieser Nacht bleibt unvergeßlich schön

Mach's gut, bis wir uns wieder sehen. 3:10
Mein Traum sollt ich begleiten
Und bleib an deiner Seite
Mach's gut, es ist jetzt Zeit zu gehen
Auf ganz verschiedenen Wegen
Dem einen Ziel entgegen.

Irgendwo und irgendwann 3:38
hört alles auf; fängt alles an.
Der Wünsch bewegt die Liebe
doch eh die Botschaft nie ***
Auf geschiet das letzte Lied
geht nie vorbei und träume weit
und tröstet in der Dunkelheit.

Past EUROVISIONS: German Style


Let's look at some of Germany's entries.

2010 #1

2009 #20 Alex swings; Oscar sings "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang"

2008 #14 No Angels: "Disappear"

2007 #19 Roger Cicero: "Frauen regier'n die Welt" (schön!)

2006 #14 Texas Lightning: "No No Never"

2005 #24 (of 25 in final round) Gracia: "Run and Hide"

2004 #8 Max: "Can't Wait Until Tonight"

2003 #11 Lou: "Let's Get Happy"


2002 #21 Corinna May: "I Can't Live Without Music"

2001 #8 Michelle: "Wer Liebe lebt"

2000 #5 Stefan Raab "Wadde hadde dudde da?"

Spricht er wirklich Deutsch? Englisch gibt es wohl: "I am so curious.."

1999 #3 Sürpriz: Reise nach Jerusalem - Kudüs'e seyahat"

1999 #7 Guildo Horn: "Guildo hat euch lieb!"

1997 #18 Bianca Shomburg: "Zeit"

1996 Leon Planet of Blue, I love You (Didn't make the finals)
"Der Countdown läuft..."

1995 #23 Stone & Stone "Verliebt in Dich"

Nenn es Liebe oder Wahnsinn - Michelle

Erst heute habe ich Michelle gehört. Hier ist sie schon wieder, diesmal mitten in einer schöne Stadt: Straßburg! (Jetzt Straßbourg...in Frankreich.) Tolle Stadt, nicht wahr?


Why was Europe's Annual Song Contest in Düsseldorf this weekend? Because with Lena Meyer-Landrut's version of SATELLITE, Germany won last year in Norway. (See July 14 Deutsch-heute.blogspot.com)

Each European nation submits it's best song of the year. That qualifies them to cast their votes on the evening of the various competitions. Last night in Düsseldorf were this year's finals.
entertainment aspects in Germany. He had agreed to work with several TV networks to search for Germany's best contestant last year, which produced the winner.
Songwriter, 2000 contestant, and TV host Stefan Raab has his hands in many

This year, Raab served again in various capacities, both as HOST, and also opening the show (rather than have Lena bring back Satellite, he did his own version of last year's winner)

--> Has Raab changed the musical genre from Lena's original winning number last year?
-->Do you recognize any other performers in this act?

Raab also performed EUROVISION's anthem.

This year, Lena could have simply chosen to welcome her guests with a reprieve of her winning number from Norway. Instead, she agreed to participate in the competition a second time. Germany held a contest of a different variety this time, with Lena appearing in 3 TV specials, singing various songs on each, which the audience weighed in on, thus helping select the song she would perform in Düsseldorf.

How did she do? She was one of 25 who made the finals. It was agreed that her performance was terrific. A video appears way below.

Meanwhile, it's your turn to pick the strongest competition.

This is from Azerbijan: Ekk abd Nikki: "Running Scared" - of breathing...

IRELAND created a sensation with LIPSTICK from Jedward (twin brothers)

SWEDEN also finished ahead of many with "POPULAR" by Eric Saade

ITALY came back after 13 years absence. Raphael Gualazzi: "Follia d'amore"

It's always fun to see what ENGLAND submits. Here's Blue with "I Can-Live"

And here, finally Lena Meyer-Landrut in 2011 sings: "Take by a Stranger"

--> Of these song entries, which would you choose for FIRST PLACE? Viel Spaß dabei!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Durch den Monsun: Tokio Hotel

Heute spielte ich dieses Lied in der Advisoryzeit. Alle staunten sich nach Bill und Tom Kaulitz, und waren sicher, dass es mindesten um ein, wenn nicht zwei Schwestern handelte.


--> Habt ihr den schwarzen Fingernagellack gern? Die Frisören?

--> Ja, aber die Musik sowohl auch den Text finde ich ganz in Ordnung.

Das Fenster öffnet sich nicht mehr
Hier drin’ ist es voll von dir - und leer
Und vor mir geht die letzte Kerze aus.

Ich warte schon ‘ne Ewigkeit
Endlich ist es jetzt soweit.
Da draußen zieh’n die schwarzen Wolken auf.

Ich muss durch den Monsun
Hinter die Welt
Ans Ende der Zeit, bis kein Regen mehr fällt
Gegen den Sturm
Am Abgrund entlang -->along
Und wenn ich nicht mehr kann, denk’ ich daran
Irgendwann laufen wir zusammen
Durch den Monsun, dann wird alles gut.

‘N Halber Mond versinkt vor mir
War der eben noch bei dir
Und hält er wirklich was er mir verspricht
Ich weiss, dass ich dich finden kann
Hör’ deinen Namen im Orkan --> welche Sprache ist Orkan?
Ich glaub’ noch mehr dran; glauben kann ich nicht.

Ich muss durch den Monsun
Hinter die Welt
Ans Ende der Zeit, bis kein Regen mehr fällt
Gegen den Sturm
Am Abgrund entlang
Und wenn ich nicht mehr kann, denk’ ich daran
Irgendwann laufen wir zusammen
--Weil uns einfach nichts mehr halten kann
Durch den Monsun, dann wird alles gut.

He-! He-!
Ich kämpf’ mich durch die Mächte, hinter dieser Tür
Werde sid besiegen und dann führen sie mich zu dir
Dann wird alles gut - dann wird alles gut
Wird alles gut - alles gut.

Ich muss durch den Monsun
Hinter die Welt
Ans Ende der Zeit, bis kein Regen mehr fällt
Gegen den Sturm
Am Abgrund entlang
Und wenn ich nicht mehr kann, denk’ ich daran
Irgendwann laufen wir zusammen
--Weil uns einfach nichts mehr halten kann
Durch den Monsun. Durch den Monsun.
Dann wird alles gut. Durch den Monsun. Dann wird alles gut.

--> Dieses Lied hat viele Preisen gewonnen, inkludierend davon: BESTES LIED, 2005.

Lt. Wikipedia:
• WON "Best song 2005" at the Austrian Golden Penguin Awards
• Nominated: "Best Single International" Amadeus Awards in 2006.
• WON "Single of the Year": Golden Penguin Awards in Austria 2007
• WON "Best Video" : TMF Awards in Belgium.
• WON "Best Ringtone" and "Song of the Year" at Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008,
• WON "Number 1 of the Year" at TRL Awards (Italy)
• WON "Best Mood Song" by a Dutch magazine, Hitkrant
• WON "Song that Stays in your Head" by a Dutch magazine, Hitkrant
• Performed at MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 in Munich

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eine lebendige Lorelei?

Vom Langenscheidt . . .

--> Die Japaner kaufen sich gerne bunte Kuckucksuhren (eine Uhr = a clock.)

--> Die Loreleyfelsen ist:
fuer Schiffer, eine gefaehrliche Passage;
fuer Touristen, ein MUSS (man muss den Rhein gesehen haben), und
in Deutschland, ein Mythos.

Hier das Lied noch einmal... :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Unlocking Nowitzki's potential--ESPN (Magazine)

by Ric Bucher espnmag.com

It's a scene repeated, day after day, year after year, all over America. A man, a boy and a basketball. Teacher, student, learning device.

Only this time it's taking place not in America but in a small German town, and the boy -- albeit a 21-year-old -- is already an NBA star. The best part? Unless you knew this about Dirk Nowitzki, you'd never be able to tell.

A few weeks later he would sign an extension worth $90 mil, but not a nickel is evident as Holger Geschwindner, his personal coach/mentor/guru/chess partner, puts him through a series of original and slightly unorthodox drills. Snap a shot of them in sepia tones, scallop the photo's edges and it would pass as something out of Indiana in the '60s.

Start with the gym. It's inside the Rattelsdorf elementary school, 80 minutes from where Dirk lives in Wurzburg. Linoleum floor, wooden backboards, bolted rims, no ventilation. Not the kind of joint you normally drive 100 kilometers to use, but the special aura it holds for these two is almost palpable, an aura created by an endless string of muggy summer days stirred by the sound of the ball and Holger's sharp commands and Dirk's huffing for air.

Holger and Dirk started working together here five years ago, when Nowitzki was simply a new addition to the Wurzburg X-Rays, a team struggling to get out of the German Second Division. Holger, a former German Olympic team captain and first-division star, was the X-Rays coach. The footwork in some of the drills is rather elaborate, but all Holger has to say is a word or two and Dirk knows what to do.

One is simply called "The Jordan," a dribble-right, cross-over, pull-up J to the right of the free-throw line. "We've been doing some of them for years," Dirk says.

It looks as if not much else has changed. Dirk is wearing an old royal blue Mavs T-shirt, parachute sweat pants pushed up above his calves, a well-worn pair of white Nikes with blue-and-green Mavs trim. Holger has a faded navy cotton sweat suit -- the kind my fourth-grade gym teacher wore -- that looks as if it has been ironed. He'll be 56 in December, but still looks in playing shape.

When it's time to do abs, he sits on one end of a bench and hooks his feet, Dirk does the same at the other end, and they do mid-air crunches together. Dirk spends almost as much time on his hands as his feet, Holger pushing him around like a wheelbarrow, Holger serving as a safety net as he does walking handstands, Holger helping him stretch by bending him over his back until he completes a somersault.

Dirk questions nothing and speaks only when he front-rims a jumper. "Kurz!" he hisses, which means "short" in German.

The reason Dirk has such a varied and slightly eccentric array of shots becomes clear as they proceed through the shooting drills. Holger has him shooting jump-hooks with both hands while being bumped, no-dribble lunge-and-dunks with each hand, pull-up fadeaway runners, curls in every direction off imaginary screens. The wildest part is watching him not miss shooting right-handed banks, gradually moving from six to 18 feet, and then doing the same left-handed.

It's part of Holger's theory -- based on documented studies, he says -- that the brain does strong-handed tasks more efficiently and precisely if it is forced to execute them through the weak hand. Dirk's habit of bending his knees inward when he shoots free throws and catch-and-shoot Js is also Holger's work.

"Holger says it's bad for your knees to walk around like a cowboy," Dirk says. "You know, without him, there's no way I'd be where I am today."

A man who is willing to share his time and knowledge. A younger man who is willing to take the time and listen.

Some things just never get old.

Ric Bucher covers the NBA for ESPN The Magazine. His column appears each Tuesday. E-mail ric.bucher@espnmag.com.

"Mir ist langweilig" von den Ärzten

(ohne dich)

--> Ja, ich denke, es gibt viele deutsche Wörter, die man in diesem Lied lernen kann.
(Yes, I think, there are many German words, which one in this song learn can.)
--> Was denkst du?
--> Was hast du gelernt?
--> Wie buchstabiert man ,,Gitarre" ?? RICHTIG! NIE WIEDER FALSCH SCHREIBEN, BITTE!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mehr von WEM? LUKAS?


Wie oft kannst auch DU diesen Clip anschauen?

--> Toll, was?

#2: Jetzt hören wir ihm etwas sprechen. Aber die Fragen, die er antworten muss sind merkwürdig: ,,Was bedeuten diese beiden Tore?"

Lerne Deutsch, dank South Park

Hier findet man die ganzen Staffel. Lohnt es sich diese Trickfilme auf Englisch anzuschauen? Naja, vielleicht. Aber auf Deutsch ist die Antwort klar: JAWOHL!


BE SURE TO CLICK OFF the "Watch in English" button. It will change to a button that reads "Auf Deutsch gucken"!

Lass uns gehen, Dad!--> Let's go, Dad.

Verzeihung. --> Pardon me.

Entschuldigen.--> Excuse me.

Lass das sein!--> Let it be.

Jetzt reichst.--> That's enough!

Genau. --> Exactly.

Ich halte es für das beste, wenn . . .-->I find it best, if...

Wir sind der Meinung, dass viele Leute genervt sind.--> It's our opinion, that lots of folks are annoyed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 4th: STAR WARS DAY, RIGHTIG ??????

Möge die Macht mit dir sein.
May the Force with you be.

N24 Translates this directly from from George Lukas.

--> How many fingers does Stefan Raab hold up to indicate the date?


aus dem schönen Alpenland, Grüß euch Gott, liebe Leut'

--> How does she do that?

--> If you'd like to hear or watch more yodeling (or watch a comedy featuring the art of yodeling), check out Deutsch-heute from August 26, 2010, which, until now, has only garnished one single comment -- about a really young and talented American yodeler, who is also featured there.


While I've seen some programs advertise their 4-5-6 week summer programs to volunteer in Germany for a (whopping) $7000 fee, the recent GERMAN WORLD Magazine mentions Amity Institute, where for UNDER $1000, they'll match young people (aged 18-26) with a volunteer program for long enough to truly improve your German language skills: either 6 or 12 months!

Very often, it's situations such as these where, not only are linguistic skills firmly put into place, but one's interest in a career become defined. There are various fields about which you may inquire. Some fields may require specific knowledge.

The program starts with a 5-week introductory seminar together with other volunteers. It also generally places volunteers with at least one other volunteer (often with larger groups). Also included are free room and board plus a small stipend, along with health insurance and worker's compensation.

Feel inspired? Want to plan ahead? Cool!

EMAIL: volunteergermany@amity.org

3065 Rosecrans Place, Suite 104
San Diego CA 92110

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wagner: Das Rheingold, auf ENGLISCH animiert

Habt ihr den "Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes" animierte Bugs Bunny Trickfilm gesehen? Ich wollte den Film hier inkludieren, aber bei YOUTUBE bleibt den Film geschlossen.


Das Rheingold is the Prelude to Richard Wagner's most famous opera, THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG, which is itself a trilogy of these 3 operas Die Walküre, Sigfried, and Götterdämmerung (The Demise of the Gods). It plays annually in Bayreuth, in Wagner's own performance house built for him by "Mad" Prince Ludwig.

Teil 1

Alberich, a dwarf from Nibelheim in the depths, rises to watch the Rheinmädchen, who guard the precious and powerful Rheingold. When the lovely mermaids refuse Alberich's attentions, he overhears them singing about how water diffuses the gold's real power; and should someone steal it and at the same time give up all expectations for love, one could learn the gold's secrets (potentially fashioning from it a ring with which to rule the world). All of this is what Alberich does.

On top of Mt Olympis Loge, the fire god had enticed Wotan, the conqueror of all gods, to permit the Giants, Fafner and Fasolt, to build the gods a palace (Walhalla) in the sky. All agree on the price, which is that the giants will be able to claim Wotan's sister-in-law, the lovely Freia, the goddess of youth and beauty, something Wotan's wife, Fricka, will never support. The larger problem is that all gods in Walhall depend on Freia's apples. Only by consuming one of these each day, can they maintain their youth. With Freia gone, all gods then are doomed.


How could Wotan have struck such a bargain with the giants? His wily assistant, the fire god, Loge, convinced him that they'd manage a bait and switch. What Loge came up with was Alberich's Rheingold. The Giants agree to the switch, but take Freia as collateral.

Wotan and Loge visit Nibelung. Loge outsmarts Alberich and is able to capture the Rheingold...

Teil 3

Yes, along with the Ring... but not before Alberich puts a terrible curse on the ring. The giants appear with Freia, and will accept the ring only if it is sufficient quantity such that they can no longer see her. There remains a single crevice and Wotan must sacrifice the ring.

With a bit more prodding from Loge, the curse of the Ring continues.

With Valhalla finally paid for, the gods may finally move into their new home. But the Rheinmädchen aren't particularly satisfied.

Here's the American National Symphony Orchestra playing Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries in Washington DC.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Felsenputzer Schweiz

"Wir tun alles für perfekte Sommerferien."

--> Was wird geputzt? (What needs cleaning?)
--> Wer ist Expert?
--> Möchtest auch DU Felsenputzer werden?

How successful, this ad? Switzerland

Hörst du die Alpenhörner am Anfang?

Stimmt es, dass Männer, die sich weniger (less) um Fußball kümmern (concern themselves with), vielleicht (perhaps) mehr Zeit für Frauen haben?

Hier: MEHR über die SCHWEIZ -- über die schöne Stadt, Zürich!

--> Welches Bild ist DIR am liebsten?