Sunday, May 15, 2011

Theo zu Guttenberg "Hat alles nur geklaut"

Worum geht es mit der Doktor Arbeit von diesem Mann? (What's going on in this knock-off of a song by the Prinzen: "Alles nur geklaut" - ?)

-->Is this a fair way to deal with scandal?
-->What are some examples from RI? USA?
-->How affective is this ad?

Kleiner Sohn: ,,Mama, wann kommt Papa wieder?"
Mama: ,,Nach viermal (4x) singen."


  1. They are very talented singers...but i didnt understand the video?

  2. I didn't understand the song either. Was the song done by the Wise Guys...I didn't see the last part of the video. I couldn't tell whether they hate Guttenberg or like him. What was the second video about?

  3. I remember hearing about this guy a few months ago. He was the German defense minister (not sure if he still is after this) and he got caught plagiarizing several pages of his doctoral dissertation from a Swiss newspaper article (they show the original at 0:40, as well as a comparison between the article and the offending portions of the paper... the highlighted words are the parts NOT stolen). There's more info on the scandal here (the article is in English):,1518,745891,00.html

  4. I did not understand the video. the singers were very good though

  5. I thought that this song was what someone had already said about a plagiarism scandal.

  6. I didn't really understand the song, but the singing was good :)