Sunday, May 15, 2011


Why was Europe's Annual Song Contest in Düsseldorf this weekend? Because with Lena Meyer-Landrut's version of SATELLITE, Germany won last year in Norway. (See July 14

Each European nation submits it's best song of the year. That qualifies them to cast their votes on the evening of the various competitions. Last night in Düsseldorf were this year's finals.
entertainment aspects in Germany. He had agreed to work with several TV networks to search for Germany's best contestant last year, which produced the winner.
Songwriter, 2000 contestant, and TV host Stefan Raab has his hands in many

This year, Raab served again in various capacities, both as HOST, and also opening the show (rather than have Lena bring back Satellite, he did his own version of last year's winner)

--> Has Raab changed the musical genre from Lena's original winning number last year?
-->Do you recognize any other performers in this act?

Raab also performed EUROVISION's anthem.

This year, Lena could have simply chosen to welcome her guests with a reprieve of her winning number from Norway. Instead, she agreed to participate in the competition a second time. Germany held a contest of a different variety this time, with Lena appearing in 3 TV specials, singing various songs on each, which the audience weighed in on, thus helping select the song she would perform in Düsseldorf.

How did she do? She was one of 25 who made the finals. It was agreed that her performance was terrific. A video appears way below.

Meanwhile, it's your turn to pick the strongest competition.

This is from Azerbijan: Ekk abd Nikki: "Running Scared" - of breathing...

IRELAND created a sensation with LIPSTICK from Jedward (twin brothers)

SWEDEN also finished ahead of many with "POPULAR" by Eric Saade

ITALY came back after 13 years absence. Raphael Gualazzi: "Follia d'amore"

It's always fun to see what ENGLAND submits. Here's Blue with "I Can-Live"

And here, finally Lena Meyer-Landrut in 2011 sings: "Take by a Stranger"

--> Of these song entries, which would you choose for FIRST PLACE? Viel Spaß dabei!


  1. Ich mag "Follia d'amore" viel.

  2. i wouls choose I can Live. I found this one the mose interesting out of the rest of them.


  3. That video "Lipstick" is some crazy retro 80's throwback. It's pretty awesome.