Saturday, May 28, 2011

Burgau Postings

Hallo Ihr alle!

Here's a housekeeping question (or 2) for you.

I'm interested in posting updates from Dueren next month to share our lives and activities with the wider community on both sides of the Atlantic. Would such posting (photos; reports; comments) fit on this forum, or should we start a DIFFERENT blog?

Also, after 350 entries and 1600 comments thus far (impressive-THANKS!), I'm frustrated not to be able to better navigate what has been posted. Initially, I'd been assured there would be a way to sort these posts using bookmarks I set up (MUSIC; SPORT; LANGUAGE LEARNING; CULTURE; POLITICS, etc.). If I'd have known that this would not be possible using BLOGSPOT, I'd never have begun posting on this address.

Another source of frustration all year long with this site for many of us (ME INCLUDED!!!) has been from students wanting to respond, but not being able to. Can anyone comment on why this site has proven so limited in that respect?

Since I do enjoy, and fully intend to continue, blogging, I thought it best to ask you, my awesome readers, what the future of our blog should be/look like?

Suggestions might involve a closed (invitation only) source in which all participants can post to each other.

What is out there?

Many thanks in advance for participating in what I think is an important discussion.


  1. I think everything will be able to fit in this blog! This way, people won't have to worry about checking another blog for new updates. I also think that making sections such as MUSIC, SPORTS, ETC. is a great idea. It will make it easier for everyone to navigate themselves around and to find blogs that they like. I think that it's hard for some people to make an account because of their computer (I have a Mac), or internet browser (for example, I'm using Mozilla Firefox right now). I would suggest them to see what works best on their computer. I think it would be cool to make the background like a collage of everything that is German...

  2. Because this site is owned by google, it forces students to have a google accounts. This is why it is fairly difficult for people to post on the blog.

  3. Many people have already made Google accounts for this blog, so it would probably just add more confusion with having to make another account for another website. I agree with Felix - I think keeping this blog would be fine... but making a different one will probably be good too. I'm looking forward to you postings!

  4. I think having to blogs would be some what of a hassle for students to check. I would try and keep it down to one.

  5. I think we need to stick with this blog site. People generally comment based on when it was posted. So since we're mostly commenting on the newer posts it doesn't matter so much how the older posts are organized. I also think two blogs would be more confusing.

  6. Definitely keep this blog... your idea sounds great too! I, personally, for some reason cannot access the blog easily no matter how hard I try... It won't let me use any account! If you made another one I don't think other students who have trouble or me would bother checking a new site. Continue with your idea and post that stuff on this blog! :)

  7. further proving my point....
    -die teufelin

  8. I think we should just keep this blog!