Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seit 125 Jahren: Berlins Kurfürstendamm (Ku-damm)

Deutsche Welle bringt und unten ein Video über diese tolle Straße.

But before you watch the Video, select the best descriptor for the numbered lists shown:

1. Café, Einkaufsstraße, Kino, Geschäfte

-->a) Stadt -->b) Dorf -->c) Land

2. Romy Schneider, Hollywood, Liselotte Pulver, Tony Curtis

-->a) Fotografen -->b) Filmstars -->c) Touristen

3. Krieg, Zerstörung, Baustelle, Häuser

-->a) Denkmal -->b) Straße -->c) Wiederaufbau

How long is the Ku-damm?
What is the start and end of the Ku-damm?
What are some of the celebrations which have taken place on the Ku-damm?
What are some of the successful businesses located there?


  1. I didn't understand the majority of what they were saying because they were speaking it so fast.
    To answer the questions:
    1). A
    2). B
    3). C

  2. very fast talking couldn't understand

  3. Hard to understand because he talks so fast but what I could understand was interesitng.

  4. the answers to the first three questions are
    a, b, and c

    The street is 3 1/2 kilometers. This street looks like it would be fun to walk along. I think it must be in west Berlin.

  5. I agree that 1. A 2. B and 3. C

    Very pretty looking stadt.

  6. Way to fast, above my current level. But for the questions, 1.A 2.B 3.C