Sunday, June 14, 2015

Netflix auf Deutsch!

So you are a Netflix fan.  But I find inspiration in a post from FluentU, which suggests that you should think about streaming films from the German versions of Netflix.

Sommersprosse:  Hier ist der Link  

There's lots to choose from, including popular TV shows from Germany from just about every genre to be found.  You'll find, just as your classmate, Jubies, commented yesterday, that you get fully absorbed in a TV show, and you pick up the context without really working at it.  Jubies writes:  It's like a brain workout without really doing anything.

Check out the news if you are a news hound, and you'll be exposed to the world through an entirely different lens.  Or check out a sitcom, such as the German version of Office, (Stromberg), if it's something you can stomach. At one point I became addicted to the romantic sitcom, Verliebt in Berlin (Ugly Betty), and bought the first 20 episodes.  (German Club?!)

I also love the German versions of fairy tales.  Many of them are available for streaming.

Listening is a wonderful comprehension builder.  I hope you'll consider sharing some of your listening adventures here.


  1. is it a website? would the URL be .com or .de?

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  3. Dass ist sehr cool. Ich will dass im Sommer sehen.