Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Federmappen in Kindergarten?!

In Germany even the youngest pupils come to school "armed" to learn, with their pen and pencil cases, their own Federmappen. This photo comes from an article about the bilingual (German/Turkish) Albert-Schweitzer-Grundschule (Elementary School) in Hannover. Here, the pencil case looks enormous next to its pint-sized owner.

For interest, here are a few other pencil cases. Some cost $75.

--> Which one is most similar to Frau Julia's? (Her Federmappe is much cooler than the similar ones in the photo though, in oh-so-soft red leather. . . )


  1. I remember elementary school when i used to have a pencil box. Those things had everything in them; i had markers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, a ruler, pencils, erasers, etc. you used to be so cool if you had an eraser that smelled good, there was a specific brand that came in grape or watermelon scents. I think in high school you really only need a pen and a pencil so i just carry it in my pocket now, but those are handy.

  2. Hahahaha Kevin... I still have markers, pancil sharpeners, highliters, gel pens, bandaids, gum and everything in mine! I love pencil cases. This might sound weird but when I used to go to Germany every summer I would always buy my pencil case for the next school year in Germany because they had the coolest ones

  3. Woah all of those are pretty awesome, especially the FC Barcelona one! I always have a hard time finding a pencil case here. I usually have to end up buying one online or go searching at tons of stores until I find one I like. But they really are helpful because I can carry around lots of cool gel pens.