Saturday, February 25, 2012

Karneval 2012

Rate mal! (=Guess! How long do you think the Rosenmontag Parade lasts in Cologne?)

This is a small float that can easily fit into a single frame. Can you see the hardworking folks in the yellow wagon trying to make sure all the parade attendees receive their special Kamelle (= specially packaged sweets, or other giveaways, just for this parade)?

One can see here that the streets of Cologne are reasonably full during this parade.

Wer kann es hier im Foto sein? (Recognize anyone in the following photographs?)

Can you see how these extra tall costumes are designed?


Not every costume dates back several hundred years.

The position as Funkemariechen (Majorette) is hotly contested among the the girls in each of the many dance troops --festive green/orange costumes here -- which practice all year for these celebrations. Some groups can't just select a single Funkemariechen, so they plan their routines around the number of Funkemariechen they finally do select.

Wie alt sind diese Personnen? (Care to guess the ages of the 3 royal figures below?)

Was könnte man mit diesen zweiseitigen Kostümen meinen?Can you imagine the symbolism intended in these two-sided costumes?

HIER: Bunt und modern.

Ist er süß? (= Isn't he adorable? Here he seems to have been entrusted with an important job of giving away flowers along the route, a favorite.)

Der Affenanzug gefällt mir sehr!
(Love this caged costume with the ape -- near bottom! Have you figured out how these double-decker costumes work? Have you ever seen anything quite like them here? Are you tempted to build one next year for Halloween? --Or any other occasion?)

"Kamelle!" This is the word you hear all day long during the parade. Part of the allure of this parade are the giveaways. Everyone takes home bushels of free stuff. Most are edible, and most of these are sweet (think Gummibären, some in unique shapes, and chocolate bars). All are specially packaged to publicize the organization which sponsors it. And most floats can't seem to give away their Kamelle fast enough --See Photo.
Other favorites are flowers wrapped in plastic, frisbees, small soccer balls, small packs of tissues... I recall one year having received a tightly wrapped 1-pound sausage -- which first landed on my head, and also a mini-stapler -- complete with refills.
Ohne Zweifel, (without a doubt) das Kölner Dreigestirn in vollem Ornat ist ein „Hingucker“ (= the Royal Trio from Cologne in full Carnival attire is "Eye Candy.")

Das Dreigestirn wird gleichermaßen von seinem Ornat wie auch von den drei Personen, die es tragen, geprägt. Ein Dreigestirn trägt kein Kostüm, wie oft fälschlich gesagt wird. (=Actually, the Carnival Trio --in the bottom photo, just before the video -- isn't wearing "costumes" as is so often incorrectly said.)

Mit einem Kostüm verkleidet man sich, verwandelt sich in eine andere Person oder Figur. (= With a costume, one disguises oneself; transforms oneself into another person, or figure.)

Das Dreigestirn verkleidet sich nicht als Prinz, Bauer und Jungfrau, die Drei sind es dadurch, dass der Oberbürgermeister sie in dieses Amt proklamiert. (=The Carnival Trio, as Prince, Farmer, and Virgin, are there because the Chief Mayor thus proclaimed them so.)

Köln: The Best Karneval City Ever


  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun! The costumes are really neat!

  2. i think the parade would last about a day? The costumes are really cool and the parade looks like a blast

  3. Das ist kühl. The costumes remind me of the ones at the marti graph I went to at Universal Studios.

  4. Das ist kühl.Aber ich denke die Poldi Bilder sind aus dem letzten Jahr Karneval.

  5. LHousinger, wie kannst du so viel darüber wissen??? SEHR schlau bist du!

    Dieses Jahr hat Podolski eine andere Farbe an, nicht Rot und Weiß, wie früher.

    Schau mal wieder im Blog am 29. Februar an, um Poldi im Karneval 2012 zu sehen!

  6. I agree with Berthold I think it would be about a day and the people seem to be really into it. It looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I would love to be in Germany during Karneval! Those photos are amazing. That looks like a lot of fun!

  8. Das ist sehr kuhl und interessant! Ich will nach Deutschland wahrend Karneval gehen. Es ist wie Mardi Gras nur besser. Alle musst viele Spass machen. Alle die Festwagen sind sehr bunt und kuhl.