Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Werner Herzog's Film "Little Dieter Has To Fly"

1997 Hier, Folge 1 (auf Englisch):

Zitate aus der 1. Folge (quotes):

“I had this vision. Death didn’t really want me.”

“I’m not a hero. Only dead people are heroes.”

“I knew hunger as a child. After the war, we tore off wallpaper. My mother would cook the wallpaper and we would eat it, because there were nutrients in the glue.”

"I saw thinks that made no earthly sense at all."

"Finally things got better. I saw the first sausage in the display window in years. Everybody stopped to admire it. But nobody could afford to buy it."

About his apprenticeship as a tool and dye maker:
"I learned how to build church clocks... and be a blacksmith. What a tough apprenticeship I had. How many hours? I had this boss he was an old man... He had these hands. Many times he would come up, he would hit me in the face. I would be passing out. We (apprentices) worked from 7 in the morning until late at night, including weekends. We made 50 cents /month. It was truly horrible, but we stuck with it. Later on, in Viet Nam, that’s the first time I recognized that, without this tough-tough man, I could have never made it.”

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