Saturday, May 12, 2012

Die Deutsche Polizei VS The USA Police

According to a recent SPIEGEL ARTICLE --SEE HERE! (German News Magazine: "Mirror") German police officers fired a total of 85 bullets in 2011, 49 of which were warning shots. Officers fired 36 times at people, killing six and injuring 15. This is a slight decline from 2010, when seven people were killed and 17 injured. Ninety-six shots were fired in 2010. Meanwhile, in the United States, THE ATLANTA HERALD REPORTED that in April, 84 shots were fired at one murder suspect in Harlem, and another 90 at an unarmed man in Los Angeles. "Our police officers are no thugs in uniform," Lorenz Caffier, interior minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, said at a press conference Tuesday. "It is gratifying that the use of firearms by police officers against people is declining," Caffier added.


  1. Das ist erstaunlich das die USA, dass Polizei feuerte mehrere Schüsse auf eine Person.

  2. The difference between LA and Germany is that in Germany the cops can safely assume that the thug is not armed with a gun himself and thus will generally settle for a simple tazer or baton, whereas in LA the cops have to assume that all suspects are potentially armed with a gun and thus use their guns all the time.