Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gesundheitskosten: Costs of Healthcare

Zum auschecken: Check this out! DANKE CHRISTOFF!
Und diese Kosten hier in den USA steigen immer schneller... Könnte es ein Problem sein? BRIEF CLARIFICATION, since image is so small here: The 2 countries without socialized medicine are shown in ORANGE • USA (TOP, with double most countries' per-person health care costs) and • MEXICO (BOTTOM, quite the opposite). ALSO: (As Christoff pointed out in his previous comments) South Korea spends FAR LESS per capita than we do, and has a higher life expectancy.


  1. We need to create a social health care program! How are is the US going to keep competing with all these other countries if we are always paying so much for health care?

  2. Health care is a primary concern we can learn a lot about foreign nations.


  3. Usa seems to be struggling with health care but other some other advance countries seem to have better health care deals than we do.