Saturday, August 17, 2013

Berlin Spieler spielt jetzt für Klinsmann

Brooks: ‘It Was Not A Hard Decision To Play For The USA’


Frage:  How many German footballers has new coach of the USA National Team, Jürgen Klinsmann, recruited from the Bundesliga? How is your first U.S. MNT camp going so far?
JB: “So far everything is fine. My new teammates and the staff have been very nice to me so everything is perfect.” You played for the U-20 MNT and have also been courted by Germany. What went into your decision to play for the United States?
JB: “The U.S. really wanted me, so it was not a hard decision to play for the USA. I talked a lot to my family. My dad, who is from Chicago, my mom, my sister, my grandparents, my agent … all of them gave me advice. Since I decided to play for the U.S., they have been very happy, congratulating me and wishing good luck.” For those U.S. Soccer fans who haven’t seen you play yet, how would you describe your game?
JB: “I think I am calm on the ball. I have good passing skills. And I am not as slow as I seem [laughs]. I don’t have that much experience yet as it’s my first year in the Bundesliga, so I have to learn a lot. I will learn when I am with the U.S. team and I will learn from Hertha and put those experiences together.” It’s setting up to be a big week for you. You first make your Bundesliga debut and score the eventual game-winning goal, and now you may make your MNT debut. What are your feelings as you accomplish another goal in your career?
JB: “I just take it step by step. The next step is to play here against Bosnia. When I play, I want to give my best and go from there.” : What is it like for you as a German-American to play for Jurgen Klinsmann, who accomplished so much during his career and is so respected in Germany?
JB: “It’s nice. He has lots of experience and has brought a little bit of German football over here into the team, so it’s exciting for me.” What is it like to have the other German-Americans in the team?
JB: “It is nice having Jermaine [Jones], Fabian [Johnson] and Danny Williams so I can talk a little bit of German with them [laughs]. We can also talk about the Bundesliga, the U.S., and they can give me little clues. That’s good for me.”
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