Tuesday, November 5, 2013


MEMORY OF A NATION 1914 - 1989

This site is impressively supported by Bertelsmann, Daimler,  Google, Stern Magazine, the Robert Bosch Foundation, a TV station, YOUTUBE, and others.  You'll find tabs with photos to accompany historical topics as divers as "Jugendkultur" und "Lebensborn", and another with videos on which there are many, many videos and testimonials.  The cataloging is straightforward; easy to use.

Let us know what you have found interesting.

Brief examples:
  • Hitler's godson (Egon Hanfstaengl) explains (in 4 brief minutes) his confusion as a school boy when his best chum didn't share the same jubilance that he had on the day after his "Onkel Dolf's" (Adolf) election was announced. -- He also accepts the blame for simply accepting the status quo when the Jewish people all simply disappeared. 
  • In a further (2 min.) clip, Hanfstaengel shared Churchill's comment on the use antisemitism as a political platform to Egon's father, and continues to describe Hitler's strengths and weaknesses as a politician.

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  1. Poor kid, prosecuted just because of his blood ties with his uncle. Hopefully he was a better kid than Hitler though.