Monday, November 4, 2013

Warum ist die Mauer am 9. November gefallen?

Hier spricht Guenter Schabowski, und er hat keine Idee was seine Worte loslassen werden:

Und hier:  50 Hours Which Changed the World

This wall will remain standing Even 50 and also 100 years from now will .
More people had deserted East Germany (230,000 -- through Prague) in the past year (1988) than in the year prior to the building of the Berlin Wall (1960) -- something which of course had been the cause of the building of it in the first place.

4 Min.    Demonstrations; Masses flee the DDR through Hungary
13 Min.  Guenter Schabowski's press conference from 9. November 1989:  The border crossings are all open...  ,,sofort!"  --  YIKES!   (Check out the handwritten notes.  Perhaps written by Egon Krenz, General Secretary, DDR?)
19:45 Min.   7:30 pm news report:  Travel permits are no longer required...
26 Min.   West German politicians react to the news spontaneously
37 Min.   Sonnenallee opens
49 Min.   Song inside the DDR behind the wall:  ,,Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer sitzt 'ne kleine Wanze"
51 Min.   Joy and disbelief
1:21:  West German police guard the wall
1:50:  500 armed soldiers arrive to reverse the course
(Yes, there's a lot of back-pedalling that goes on, but Gorbachew does eventually congratulate Egon Krenz for having the guts to find such an answer to the people's passion.)

Hier ist Englich Kommentar vom Tom Brokaw ueber sein Interview mit Schabowski am 9. Nov, gleich nach dem Pressekonferenz:  "... one of the most memorable nights off my life."

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