Friday, September 11, 2015

Sarah Connor -- finally sings ,,auf Deutsch"

Danke Lena.  Von Dir lernte ich Sarah Connor etwas kennen.

Hier singt sie etwa über ihr Leben --
(und so ein Leben!).

Although this song is "borrowed," and was performed during a competition where stars cover songs written by the other competitors (Xavier Naidoo sang one of her songs), this song speaks to the reality show life Sarah led a decade ago, and her heart was totally into it. She won the competition, and elevated the value of Naidoo's program.  It also proved to Sarah that she could really connect to her feelings and to her audience when singing in German.

This spring she released her new album and her first ever in German, entitled Muttersprache.  Her children were her inspiration.  It continues to top the charts.

FYI:  Just for fun, here is one of Sarah's songs in English, where she sings together with her former husband (and co-star of their reality show, Sarah and Marc in Love), Just One Last Dance. She plays a HS senior.  How funny is the scene at the end when her brother and boyfriend face off using the football field?

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