Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Die Weltmeisterschaft

Guten Tag! Willkommen.

Did you all enjoy some World Cup broadcasts this summer? How about the quality of the game? The USA team was so thrilling to watch, and we can be proud of making the elimination round.

With 3 of the Final Four teams being from Europe, we know where to look when it comes to measuring against the best. (Would you be surprised if Landon Donovan renewed his efforts to play abroad?)

So the current winner of the European Cup (2008) now also has DAS Pokal: THE Trophy. Well earned, La Roja (The Reds) from Spain! Germany's National Elf (simply refers to the number --11--of players on the field) was most impressive, too! Except for their semi-final against Spain, when they seemed hesitant and uninspired, this young team showed amazing energy, precision, and depth. Wow! What a sport!

While the German Mannschaft (team) was aiming to improve from its frequent BRONZE finishes, they should not be disappointed to once again have successfully defended that 3rd place finish. Certainly, we in the USA drool over such a finish!


What about WM Musik? Have you heard any popular songs promoting the World Cup? There is an official FIFA anthem, by the artist K'naan. Those tuning to to the games heard the song frequently. Here's a link: LIED

Africa also seemed to have its own official song, this one by the artist, AKON of Senegal. Have you seen it? LIED

In Germany, it seems there's a race by many artists to perform the one song that will become that year's official Weltmeisterschaft-Lied, or World Cup Anthem. The artist(s) then get(s) to perform live before any award ceremony there might be, and enjoy the celebration with shared honors. Sometimes the popularity of the selected anthem thought gets eclipsed by another song.

In Germany there's a race by many different artists to capture the hearts of the many football enthusiasts. During our last GAPP visit, we were confronted wherever there were any sports fans, by Sportfreunde Stiller's updated (tweaked with a new date, 2010, and reference to Süd Afrika) version of their 2006 WM song: 54-74-90-2010. Here is the band's performance in Berlin, 2006, together with the WM-team, in an official celebration of their Bronze finish (and also for having so successfully hosted the event). Does the crowd seem to know the text? Are they moved by the message? LIED

-- Also, Do you wonder where such reception might be held here in the USA, should our team turn in an unexpectedly satisfactory performance at the World Cup?

If you follow the EUROVISION (or read my post on the topic) you'll recognize this cover song of the winning song from 2010 (and also see/hear clues to Lena in the footage). The song uses a new nickname for Deutschland: simply "SCHLAND". The song is: "Schland, O Schland". Do you like it? LIED

Fans do sing in German football stadiums. At the beginning of this tribute to Lukas Podolski, you can hear his widespread support. "Goldi-Poldi Hallejui. Bist der Bayern Fußballgott" LIED

Would you be motivated by such a song, if you were a young football player, thinking that one day some band might sing about you?

On the other hand, the announcement that one top striker (Kevin Kuranyi, of 2nd-place and PROUD OF IT Team Schalke, read more: HERE) wasn't going to be included in the team was also commemorated in a song (the text here is easy to follow, and is based on the HOME ALONE theme). Check it out! LIED


  1. Very interesting information. I did not watch any of the soccer.

  2. I wish I had caught some of the world cup. But I didn't sadily. I'm sure it was exicting and fun to watch.

  3. Fussball ist meine LieblingsSport. I caught as many games as I could. I was really rooting for Germany near the end. I did not know that FIFA had an anthem let alone that it was by K'naan. I love him! Mein Onkle und mein Opa are already planning to go to the next world cup. My favorite part of the world cup was when that English goalie let in a goal throw his legs. That is so embarrassing. They call him calamity Green in England.