Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WICKED, auf Deutsch

Have you ever heard of singer, Willemijn Verkaik? She's from Holland, and is the star of the German production of WICKED, which continues to sell out in Stuttgart, Germany. Does this program translate well? You bet! All the emotion is conveyed, and then some.

I doubt if you'll regret checking the clip from the popular TV Show, Wetten Das! (You Bet!) It begins with "Nur ein Tag ... in der grünen Smaragd-Stadt" (One Short Tag... in Emerald City") and moves into "Frei und Schwerelos" ("Defying Gravity"). Check it out; you are in for a treat!


die Smaragdstadt = ___________________ ?

Heute bin ich so froh, ich fühle mich fast schwerelos . = __________________________________________.

In welcher Stadt in Deutschland kann man im Theater das musikalisches Stück, WICKED, sehen? _____________


  1. Frow that is amazing! It sounds great. I almost like it better then the english versan. It sounds so cool!

  2. I find it amazing that no matter what language "Wicked" is in, the acting is so good and the performance is so strong that anyone could understand it.

  3. WOW! i LOVE Wicked, in English, and now in German! this was so great to see :D

  4. from Die Teufelin