Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TOM'S FILMS Lernen macht Spass!


For fun, easy Audio/Video see Toms Filme, by Andreas Hykade ! !
Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig

It is a series of video cartoons with recurring characters, plots, words, and phrases. Tom is in in a perpetual search of an open-faced-sandwich-with-strawberry- marmelade-topped-with-honey. The story has so many versions, some of which are also used for an interactive story game, TOMS SPIEL.


Be sure to meet the cast of characters HERE in Tom's Films! Who are your favorites? Which is your favorite film? Which text is the easiest to understand? After listening to them over and over again, you'll find yourself beginning to mimic the narrator! Isn't that great?! How can you use this new vocabulary? -- How about writing a new episode for Tom? Which decisions will you need to make first? How about compiling a list of them here!

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