Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kindereier=NO; ChokoTreasures=YES. WHA--?

-- How are these allowed, but not Kindereier?

Check out the Chocho Treasure website's FAQ page.

Question: I've tried chocolate surprise eggs in other countries outside of the USA such as Kinder Surprise(r) and Huevo Sorpresa(r). Sometimes those have plastic toys you snap together. Can you make toys like that?

Answer: The USA Consumer Product Safety Commission has regulations ensuring the safety of small children. The toys you may have seen in similar products overseas are only safe for children 3+ whereas our toys are safe for ALL AGES.

One of the tests for toys to be safe for all ages is that they are sufficiently big to not be a choking hazard. We cannot make snap-together plastic toys similar to those you may have seen overseas as those tiny toys represent choking hazards, and (therefore) cannot legally be sold together with candy in the USA.


  1. I remember getting something like this when I was really young. I remember that there was barely any chocolate and that the toy that was inside was really brittle and stupid. When you tried to wash the extra chocolate on the toy, it would just snap in half.

  2. chocolate from europe is so good! and these eggs are such a fun idea for little kids... I wonder why they aren't as popular here (even the ones without a choking hazard)

  3. I love european chocolate, it's so much richer and creamier! these egss are a good idea for kids.

  4. This is weird. Admittedly the Kindereier's toys are the kind with small pieces but they are in a small plastic bag and are in a styrofoam egg inside of the chocolate. The Choco Treasure sounds alot like the Kindereier. For the toy to be big enough not to be seen as a chocking hazard, that must be a pretty big toy and therefore a big chocolate egg. I agree with everyone else. With the chocolate being made in the US than it is nothing compared to European chocolate.

  5. I got one! It was two people one was blue and one was green. Kind of odd really.