Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Museum Audio Guides to UPLOAD

Hi GAPP-Exchangers.

Check out this link to the Rautenstrauch-Joest World Culture Museum in Cologne. It's been closed for 5 years for renovations. (It hadn't been properly rebuilt after WWII's destruction, and then, more recent flooding caused further damage.)

This will also be my first visit to this museum.

Since Frau Kreutzer has put this museum on our agenda, she also thought to send us a link for us to upload the Audio Guides to our cell phones / iPHONES in advance of our arrival in Germany.

Please let me know if you think this will not or will not work for you. Frau Kreutzer prefers not to order more Audio Guides than we will need. DANKE!


Upon arrival at this site, you'll find a WELCOME Guide to listen to first.

Then there are 3 other guides (including the third one, for youth) to consider downloading. I haven't yet heard them yet to suggest which of the three to download, but would like to think we can handle the first two.

Let me know if the kids link (#3) seems more appropriate for us. DANKE!


  1. I tried to listen to the first two audio clips but I couldn't understand them. I think that the guides in English will be better for everyone except for the German people (by that I mean the native German people).

  2. They were a little hard to understand