Sunday, November 20, 2011

12 Weihnachtstage -- mit Ukele

Ich wünsche Euch zu Weihnachten jede menge Schnee,

und dazu eine Ukele
2. Flaschen Saft (bottles of fruit beverage)
3 Teddybärs
4. DVDs
5. Tassen Tee (cups of tea)
6. Räuchermännchen (carved "smokers;" holiday incense burners)
7. warme Socken
8. Mangarine
9. Tüte Suppe (containers of soup)
10. paar Sandalen
11. Nikoleute (chocolate Santas)
12. Tage Urlaub (days of vacation)


  1. This is pretty cool its the first time I have seen a version like this.

  2. This is a cute version of this song. I like the ukulele! Kinda a random mix of "presents", but interesting!