Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zungenbrecher = Tongue Twisters

Hier bei Wetten Das!  (Take a Bet on That!)   der Zungenbrechenmeister...

Those unfamiliar with this program moderated by Thomas Gottschalk, there are a few twists from talk shows we're familiar with.

1.  "Wetten Das!!" isn't scheduled regularly. 
2.  Similar to TATORT, the Sunday detective program that holds the country captive, "Wetten Das!" is broadcast all over the country, and I believe has also been broadcast from Austria.
3.  There isn't a specific,but rather a suggested broadcast time, and the program always runs over.
4.  Often, there's a local feat that the community at large has to perform before the program is finished, which begins and ends the segment.  Most often, the community pulls together and accomplishes the required task.
5.  Meanwhile, celebrities, including international ones, are invited to chat and perform, but they are also asked to get involved in some local talent.  They are shown a task that someone is going to attempt, and they have to bet whether this task will be achieved or not.  If they are correct, all's well.  If they bet incorrectly, they'll have to step up to do whatever alternate challenge is offered.

Can you guess if this Japanese guest guessed correctly, as a fellow tries to correctly perform a certain number of tongue twisters in a single minute?  The piece has been nicely edited, and only includes the performance, along with proof of what had been said:  a slowed down version, with text rolling next to it, so we can read what we hear him say.  Clever!

Here, Thomas beginnt:   Die Wette gilt!   The bet is ON!

And the entire text ends with PIZZA!


  1. It's really funny how he said all that so quickly and didn't mess up once. It must have taken him months maybe years do finally do that.

  2. That is amazing. It is hard to believe he was able to say the while tongue twister so quickly, and he didn't mess up!

  3. Dude that was amazing I could never do that

  4. dies ist sehr lustig! er muss so oft ueben.

  5. Das ist lustig!!!! Ich mag dass das Wort "zungenbrecher" ist fast ein zungenbrecher... haha

  6. Der Zungenbrecher auf Deustch scheint mehr schwer dann auf Englisch. Diese war lustig!