Thursday, April 24, 2014

KiKa : Kids TV Channel, featuring Bernd, das Brot

Yup -- this character is... Bread.  A loaf?  A slice?  You decide.  Bernd has a daily

First Bernd tries to get you to watch a different channel.
Then, he is welcomed into the KiKa Fan Lounge for Nerds.
He dislikes magicians, but becomes Harry Potter.
He becomes an intergalactic Obertrekkie and learns (with narration help) how Scotti can beam him back, or not. 
His fans plan and reenact a dragon capturing scene, and wind up reciting the top phrases from Star Trek.
Then comes proof that Bernd is really a nerd.
Time for a Nerd party!

This episode has Bernd, das Brot escorting us through German history:
  • from the Neanderthals to the Roman occupation, 
  • to the Middle Ages, 
  • to Gutenberg's press, 
  • to Martin Luther's reformation and Protestantism
  • 1618 Prague (specifically an event in which a well-placed heap of refuse saved the lives of three people who had been thrown out of a tall tower window) which led to the
  • 30 years' War, between religion, but mostly took place in Germany
  • to Prussia's glory days with Friedrich Wilhelm v. Brandenburg (der Große Kurfürst-Fritz).
  • Napoleon's war (!) and Waterloo
  • Versaille
  • WWI
  • to the glorious 1920's, and then,  
  • yes, he becomes the man with the mustache (ach, dem Mann mit dem Schnurbart).  [FYI: As Hitler Bernd speaking a mish-mash, NOT German!]
  • Bernd has then "kein Bock mehr" -  he wants to give up.
  • At the Berliner Mauer  "Wer bin ich?  Ich bin ein Brot!"  (Nicht ein Berliner!)
  • If you don't learn from history, you are destined to repeat it.... Ach nein!
How many of the scenes do you recognize?

Crazy! It takes a full 2+ minutes to start the flashbacks, while Bernd tries to convince his audience of the harms of watching too much TV, etc.  (vor der Glotze = in front of the screen abschalten = turn off!  Fernsehen macht total doof.  = TV makes you ridiculousder Ofper = the sacrifice.   tragisch = tragic.  Einschalten = watch.)

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