Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Germany Trade and Invest: Pharmaceutical Industry


  Pharmaceutical Industry
   Perfect combination of tradition, innovation, and attractive costs
Germany is the best international location for the research, production, and distribution of
pharmaceuticals at an exceptionally high level. Direct access to internationally renowned
scientists, outstanding research units, and major pharmaceutical markets make Germany a unique business location. The development of the world’s population structure is creating new challenges and is leading to increased demand for pharmaceuticals. This, together with significant advancements in medical biotechnology research, is giving the pharmaceutical industry new impetus worldwide.
  The Industry in Numbers
  • The German pharmaceutical market is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. 
  • The annual sales of medicinal products total more than EUR 34 billion (2013) and this figure continues to experience sustained growth (+5.4% in 2013 vs. previous year).
  • 920 pharmaceutical companies with more than 120,000 workers (2012) operate in Germany. 
  • In addition to globally successful enterprises, the industry is marked by more than 800 medium-sized businesses and young biotech companies.
  • German companies invest EUR 4.5 billion (2013) annually in research and development.
  • Top 10 of the most important indications on the statutory health insurance market in terms of sales (2013):  (Click above link for data)

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