Monday, September 19, 2011

Pirates Invade Berlin: Election Upset

Zuerst in den '80'er Jahren gab es die Grünen

Gestern, am 18. September 2011 in Berlin gab es die Piraten.

Es war eine Sensation.

Yesterday was the first time since the '80's that a new political party has climbed the German stage as winners.

The Pirates Party, which was formed in 2006, captured 9% of the votes in Berlin (topping the Greens, who entered the political stage in 1981 with 7.2%).

Now, the newcomers are quiet about their plans. "First, we'll remove all of our election posters," commented one of the chief pirates, Andreas Baum. "It would serve no purpose to pretend that we are not amateurs. We are visionary, but also reasonable." Baum, himself terribly shy, explained his party's strong showing by pointing out that "the competition was arrogant, and just really weak."

There was no professional marketing done on behalf of the Pirates. Instead, intelligent members met and devised various themes. Any member who wanted to could make a poster. There were also plenty of pirate-themed rallies in rather apolitical places.

Their party also encapsulated something the others didn't: Believability, Authenticity, and Fresh Views. Some of their themes include:
• A truer, public-led, democracy
• Complete separation of church and state
• Incorporating a minimum income for those on unemployment
• Legalizing "soft" drugs
• Transparent government
• Cyber Security

The Party Chairman, Sebastian Nerz, said that they hope ,,in the future, to be able to stay true to these ideals."

--Roughly translated from SPIEGEL ONLINE - 18.9.2011 - WAHL IN BERLIN: Überraschungserfolg in Berlin: ANGRIFF der Piraten von Michael Sontheimer und Sven Becker

--> How do you think a Pirate Party might fare in the USA?

--> Might the Pirates be serving a related role in Germany to the one the Tea Party is currently serving in the USA?


  1. I don't think pirates is the best name for a political party, pirates were sailors in the caribbean that plundered other ships, and from the description, the name in no way relates to their goals.

  2. Ein gesicht: Wann meine Mutti bei Facebook waere,hat meine Schwester ihres Facebook zum Pirate gewechselt. (Du kannst Pirate deine Spreche machen) und meine Mutti hat keine ahnung. Meine schwester erklaert nicht wie du dass zuruck machen kannst und meine Mutti hat so viele Problem gehabt. Es war ganz lustig an zu schauen. Sie war aber ein bisschen natuerlich boese...

  3. I agree with berthold its not a proffesional name for a political party but I think if they were here they would have gotten the same amount of votes like the tea party.