Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uwe Kind with Johnny Carson

--> Wo kommt Uwe Kind her? (From where does U. Kind come?)

Ich weiss was ich will

Ich bin cool, bist du cool? (stark; schön; frei)

Keine Zeit


  1. I remember you showed up Keine Zeit a little while back. that is one weird song, however, it gets in your head. I can surmise that's the point.

  2. i remember doing ich bin cool, bist du cool from last year. Keine zeit sticks in your head and i could understand what it meant but the video was creepy looking

  3. Sometimes i catch my self Singing Ich bin cool, bist du cool song in my head.

  4. I remember the last two songs from last year. They're pretty catchy. I have a question though - how do you find songs like these? Just curious, haha.