Monday, March 26, 2012

European Socialism? Campaigning, USA Style

Es gibt leider zuerst eine Reklamme, aber ich finde die Nachrichten wichtig für uns.


  1. I always find it funny when a Republican candidate simultaneously advocates lower taxes, lower government spending, and spending a hundred billion dollars on starting another war in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the rest of the civilized world actually understands how money works and isn't 15 trillion dollars in debt.

    1. I agree, what america needs to realize is that there is no quick fix for our current economic situation, it may take ten year before we start chipping away at the deficient


  2. Well, it is certainly true that a situation such as in Greece should be avoided. However, the plans that Obama and other Democrats have proposed, while similar to what can be seen in Europe, would avoid the problems that led to the turmoil in Europe. The Europeans had the right idea, but they made mistakes, which we can learn from, so as to avoid these problems, while still solving many of the crises facing our nation today.

  3. I agree with Chris, I feel like the United States comes up with similar ideas except we do not know how to use them like Europe does so their economy is ten times better then ours

  4. Ich hasse diese politische Debatte. NIemand kann etwas klugg sagen. Unsere publik versteht nicht genug von die Welt. Meistens Menschen in Amerika kann uberhaupt gar nichts ueber Regierung von andere Laender sagen. Ich wuerde ueberrascht sein wenn sie etwas uber amerikanisch Regierung sagen konnten.

  5. I agree with Chris too because we have so much debt and there isn't really a way to fix it and be as stable as the European country's.