Sunday, March 4, 2012

German Oscars?

Did you know that the very first Best Oscar Award (1929) went to went to Emil Jannings of Germany (for 2 silent pics in 1927 & 1928).

Did you know that German-born Luise Rainer, at 102-years-old, is the oldest living Oscar winner? She won TWO back-to-back Oscars in 1937 and 1938, and now lives in London.

Did you know that, German, Wim Wenders was nominated this year for Best Foreign Film, “Pina 3D”, as well as Best Documentary? Take a peak at the trailer:

You will see scenes from correographer Nina Bausch's hometown, Wuppertal, in this film, including a shot of its elevated (hanging) mass transit system, the Schwebebahn.

Frau Bausch had been involved in planning the film with Herrn Wenders, to take advantage of new 3D technology to create something new with dance and film. She was going to appear in the film – but died suddenly, just before the start of filming.

Wenders and her dance troupe decided to continue the project; they made it into a celebration of her work.

The film did not win an Oscar this year, but it has won a string of prizes, including the German Film Prize documentary award.

I learned some of this by checking out

More of these details came from Step Into German (SiG) posts on Facebook


  1. Der Film sieht aus wie es soll ein Ballett und kein Dokumentarfilm sein. Es ist immer noch cool zu sehen, dass es Oscars gehen, um Menschen auf internationaler Ebene statt nur Amerikaner auch.

  2. Es ist traurig dass Frau Bausch gestorben ist. Der Film sieht sehr interessant aus und ich denke dass wir in Deutschklub es sehen wollen.

  3. Der Film ist sehr interressant, ich denke wir in Deutsche Klasse es wollen gern. Ich denke der Film ist sehr schon und ein bissien seltsam.

  4. this looks really weird but kind of interesting

  5. i think the cinematography looks great and the dancing is also very good. Also the first facts about the German Oscar winners are very interesting.