Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mozart Oper

Mozart completed the "Abduction from the Seraglio" "Entführung aus dem Serail" in 1782 in Vienna.

The story of the opera is quite simple: Belmonte's beloved Konstanze is abducted by Turks to the Seraglio of the Pasha Selim. Belmonte tries to get her out of it with the help of his servant Pedrillo. He fails, however. Konstanze, Belmonte and Pedrillo appeal for mercy, and in the end Pasha Selim allows them to leave.

In spite of the Turks having been a threat to Austria only a few years ago there was a general interest in Turkish music and culture. Mozart built his opera on that interest, however he "westernized" the music a bit.

Here: The Aria of Osmin
Osmin, the overseer, has discovered Pedrillo and his beloved, Blonde and is now expressing his triumphant feelings. He is singing about how the two will be executed, and the joy he'll feel, as they are being led to the executioner.

Günter Wewel singt:

Wie will ich triumphieren, wenn sie euch zum Richter führen
How I shall triumph....

Weil unser Sohn heute in die Oper geht, und Mozarts Cosi fan Tutte sehen, wird bringe ich eine sehr schöne und auch lustige Szene hierbei:

Ich wünsche ich wäre dabei. Viel Spaß in Budapest, Junge!


  1. Ich mag klassische Musik. Ich mag, wie sie Texte setzen sich zur Musik. Ist das, wie es ursprünglich war mit der Musik?

  2. I think the idea of the opera is really cool, and the music is very good too.