Sunday, June 3, 2012

dOKUMENTA (13) 2012 Kunst in 100 Tagen

The world of ART comes every 5 years to Kassel.
Historically, dOCUMENTA has helped define the Zeitgeist, as well offered a glimpse of the direction art will take. The 9th of June is the first of exactly 100 days, when artists from every corner of the world come to Kassel to share, observe, and be inspired. Each year there is a different topic.
This year's director, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, is overjoyed to have a strong exhibit, which embraces themes in literature, films, politics, science, aesthetics, ecology, languages, and of course, art pieces. I look forward to sharing news of this event, and welcome readers to share what exposure to dOKUMENTA (13) they have.
September 16th is Day 100.


  1. Das sieht faszinierend. Ich wurde gerne etwas von der asrbeit der ueber die 100 Tage erstellen zu sehen.

  2. I think this looks interesting and is nice because it is good to have art and be exposed to many different kinds of art.