Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Early Walt Disney: First cartoons 1922: The Brothers GRIMM

#1 Red Riding Hood  (Rotkäppchen)  First minute is repetitive; entertainment emerges.  Modern spin.

#2: The Four Musicians of Bremen (Die Bremerstadt Musikanten)  

1spudme  (YouTube uploader) writes:  "This was the second earliest animated short he ever made (the first being Little Red Riding Hood). In this Laugh-O-Gram, we see four animals running from bricks being thrown after them by humans. The last of them, a cat, keeps appearing and disappearing at various points in this sequence. They stop at a river where three of them play music while the cat tries to catch a fish that walks out of the river and jumps away each time the cat tries to hit him with a board. I'll stop there and say that was pretty amusing as was a later sequence where some human men shoot cannon balls at the house the four animals are staying with the cat pulling a Felix and using his tail to hit one of those balls from the roof and then riding on another of them (or was it the same one? I can't remember). Pretty primitive but worth a look for anyone curious about the legendary Disney's earliest works."

Director: Walt Disney  -- Do you like the music Walt selected?
Writers: Jacob Grimm (story), Wilhelm Grimm (story)
Production Co: Laugh-O-Gram Films

One of 75 of Disney's Silly Symphonies, this a favorite based on Hans Christian Andersen's Steadfast Tin Soldier, set to Shostakovich's' "Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major"


  1. Es ist ausgezeichnet, dass heute ist Disney so anders. Disney hat sehr viele geandert.

  2. Ich stimme mit Tommy. Aber dieses Disney macht mich *nostalgic*?