Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Berlin: the new home for tech start-up business

Haus am Waldsee:  Exhibit sponsor: Architect Werner Aisslinger

The show presents Aisslinger's central theme of material transfer in the form of numerous pieces of furniture and objects. On display, among other things, are modular construction kits, such as stowage spaces and shelves, the renowned "Loftcube" installation of 2007 in the sculpture garden at Haus am Waldsee, as well as energy storage and renewable furniture, Aisslinger's most recent ventures.

Here, Werner Aisslinger talks about several of his most interesting design ideas and his philosophy.
•  chair be planted and harvested
•  aquaponics (water cycle using fish):   15x more efficient way to get your own food than regular agriculture
•  reuse your coffee table books by building bookshelves  (der Keller = the cellar)
•  re-cover your car so you can keep driving it for 20+ years.

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