Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adi Dassler -- Freund von Sepp Herberger

Aus dem Blog von Adidas:

Fritz Walter's shoe
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Did you know that ADIDAS made the famous World Cup Shoe?

We still refer to the 1954 World Cup as the Miracle of Bern for so many reasons: Germany, crushed after World War II, had more pressing matters to deal with than a football tournament in Switzerland. But in the end, it was exactly what the country needed. 

Facing the unbeatable Hungarians in the final, a victory seemed out of reach for the underdog Germany. 

Enter Adi.

close friend of team coach Sepp Herberger, he provided the players with a whole new boot made out of thinner, lighter leather and with screw-in studs. While the Hungarians struggled during the rainy final wearing heavy rain-soaked boots with studs too short to find a grip on the muddy field, the German team went on to score the game-deciding goal with more grip and a better feel for the ball.

For Germany, the victory brought new confidence, for adidas and Adi Dassler the innovative football boots brought international recognition and a market leadership in the football business.

Wie spricht man ,,Adidas" aus???

Der Krieg!


  1. I remember you showing us a movie,I believe last year or earlier this year, about this World Cup game where they introduced the Adidas shoes. I think its a really cool story on how it all started and the history behind it.

  2. Wir haben das Film gesehen! Sehr interessant.

  3. Germany, the country that creates the most helpful inventions, but never gets the attention it deserves.