Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Viele Deutschen mögen die Western Filme und Western Musik

Hier singt Ralf Paulsen, z.B. das Bonanza Lied von unserer alten Fernsehsendung, Bonanza.  Ich glaube Paulsen ähnelte (resembles) Lorne Green (Bonanza-Vater Schauspieler).

Counry Music aus Deutschland?   Scroll down to WESTERN MUSIK. 


Es gibt viel los.

Kommentar von Dr. Kuhn-Osius:

"There is, as you have learned, a fairly lively scene of German music imitating American Country music. The German texts at times are wayyyyyy off the American ones (I still remember vividly "Wann wird's mal wieder richtig Sommer" as a rendition of "The City of New Orleans"[train]; or "Die Nacht als Conny Kramer starb" as "The Night They Tore old Dixie Down").

"The true cultural equivalent to country music would be German Volksmusik. It has the same types of regional roots, the same phony glitz, huge sales figures, etc.  One main difference is that large parts of the German educated public shies away from this type of music much more than the American public shies away from Country and Western."

Eckhard Kuhn-Osius
German Department
Hunter College, CUNY

Kommentar von J. D. Guy: 

"Of course there is absolutely nothing authentic about German country music. It simply evolved from years of locals hearing American Forces Network broadcast any and all genres of American popular music for GIs posted in Germany.  It's also why we've got German rap music, German alternative, German hip hop among others.  But there are plenty of very capable German musicians who've found love for country and do a fine job of making it contemporary yet eingedeutscht.  I hung out one weekend with a heck of a banjo picker in deepest darkest Baden-Württemburg who had mastered bluegrass vernacular completely out of its context.  And since AFN was a distinctly south German
phenomenon + Berlin,
it completely follows that there's not much German country outside these regions.  Kinda like any sane Norddeutscher would shy away from Bavarian Volksmusik & Schlager: regional bias."

J. Douglas Guy
Byfield, MA 01922

Kommentar von Hank Schwab

"Let's not write off the North Germans. I went to a Montagsmusik at a bar outside Hamburg a few years ago. The husband of one of my colleagues is a renowned slide guitar player (Nils Tuxen), and led a jam session there every week. I was the only person there NOT wearing a cowboy hat and an enormous belt buckle."

Kommentar von Arndt Peltner, Radio Goethe

"I can not disagree more (with J.D. Guy)...AFN ceased to broadcast in Bavaria in the mid 90s, when I was working at a radio station there. I even covered their closing down of business. And in Berlin, AFN was not on the air.  The generation of musicians in Germany that plays Country, never even listened to AFN broadcasts.

"To say, 'there is absolutely nothing authentic about German country music', is like saying, American bands using electronics are just covering Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and the Berlin Techno scene...  Country music is a genre of music....there is nothing specifically American anymore about it; maybe some patriotic US songs. 

"Country music is not just imitated in Germany, Country is a genre of music and the Country music scene is very much alive in Germany. The Boss Hoss is very successful with their brand of Country. They are big sellers in Germany, their tours are sold out.  Two of their members are even on the very popular nationally broadcast TV show 'The voice of Germany'.

"Their are many, many bands in Germany, highly influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Steve Earle and others, but also by the Alternative Country sound, such as 16 Horsepower, Giant Sand or Calexico. Germans don't just copy this, they have found their own twist to Country. One of my favorites is Infamis from Berlin and their latest album is released on Wim Wenders own label.

"There is a lively Country music scene in Germany, done by German and with German lyrics; worthwhile finding out about. 

"If one talks about roots music, you can compare Country and Volksmusik, BUT....we are talking Carter Family here in the 1930s, if we talk about the old time Volksmusik as roots-music as well.

"FYI:  I don't just include German Country music from time to time in my Radio Goethe shows, but I also produce the Country/Folk show for Lufthansa, always using some German based bands and musicians.  BTW:  You should also listen to the amazing Scandinavian Country bands...."

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