Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Austauscher-Amanda bloggt

 "There's something about limited amounts of time that leave you feeling as if you have not lived enough experienced enough and thus must make up for it."  In the last couple of months I have experienced the clarity of enlightenment pertaining to my life here. The fact that I will be leaving soon has made me open my eyes again to everything that had made the transition from overwhelming to ordinary without ever taking a "Pause" ("pow-za":  German pronunciation needed for intended affect), like the fact that I'm in the center of Europe and RyanAir flights to Italy cost 12.99, or that cobblestone streets really are so much more interesting, or that public transportation rocks, or- or - or - or . This list would be about a mile long ... but it's the "ahhh" moment of rediscovery that makes these little things so big in my heart.

Being abroad has kept me continually viewing things from a different perspective therefore giving me the ability to really value the positives, and also recognize the negatives also play their role. Every equation however has it's constants: Milka will always taste delicious, handball is one awesome sport, and sunshine is always welcome.

...As I leave Germany, a piece of my heart will stay behind... 

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