Friday, March 21, 2014


Subject: Fwd: [AATG-L] Tonbandgerät

I have to say this concert was an amazing experience....if you can go...GO!!!!!  Students have learned so much and were so engaged. The buzz has been huge.

This was such an encouraging day for me to see the German students all so immersed into the German language...singing with... and having a blast!!!


---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Peter Zygowski  (ORGANIZER OF THE TONBANDGERAET TOUR)

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

sorry I haven't been able to promptly answer all your questions regarding the Tonbandgerät tour. I've been busy pondering my next career move because there is no way we/you/I can ever top what happened yesterday at the band's concert in Salt Lake City. A packed house with 1200 students who were in an indescribable "German (music) frenzy". All four band members agreed that they had never ever played a concert like that before. 

So all I can say is try to get tickets to the New York concert - all the other ones are "sold out".

We also didn't quite expect such high demand for the T-Shirts. We did two printings and will not be able to produce any more before the tour's end.

Beste Grüße
Peter Zygowski
Goethe-Institut San Francisco

Schade:  Wir werden doch nicht dabei sein!.....
Aber vielleicht gewinnen wir den Preis?~!~

Judith, u.a.:  Es tut mir echt LEID!  

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  1. Ich wünschte wir gegangen haben!