Friday, November 7, 2014

Interactive BEFORE / AFTER Photos of the Berlin Wall

While initially you can see half of each comparison-photo, it's easy and so cool to pull the middle arrows across to view the whole photo of those you're especially interested in.



  1. v. Simone am 17. Nov. 2014 I really enjoy seeing the great perspective of the interactive Before and After photos in Berlin, especially the Wall itself. You can see how dreary it had been, and how colorful and active it is now. Such an transformation!

  2. v. Grete am 19. Nov. 2014: I can't believe the difference between the photos that are set along the wall in Berlin. Now that the wall is down, there are so many people walking right where the mines in No Man's Land was. I wonder if, for those East Germans who lived through such isolation, seeing it now provokes an eerie feeling. Maybe instead, most of those people simply feel the joy of freedom! It's complicated!