Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sehen = to see Katja erklärt alles (Katja explains)

Deutsch für Euch

   Lesson 67

sehen - to see   (ich sehe fern = to watch tv)
gucken (kucken!) - purposefully looking
zusehen - to watch as something happens (bystanders)
schauen - like gucken;
beobachten - to observe, or keep an eye on something
besichtigen - to tour or inspect; look closely at something
sichten - to spot or site
erblicken - something catches your eye
betrachten - to enjoy the view or a new gift
entdecken - to discover, or spot
finden - or entdecken
erkennen - to recognize or decipher
einsehen - to realize, to accept an new argument; or to be included in something secret; 
hellsehen - to see the future (Hellseher)

Here's Katja's overview of German Verbs, and how they compare with English.  Do you have questions??  Filmed the same day:  Lesson 66

• No progressive tenses   • Irregular verbs

Instead of saying "I am eating breakfast a bit late today", in German, you just say:
"I breakfast a bit late today", or ,,Heute frühstücke ich etwas spät." 

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