Saturday, November 15, 2014

J.S. Bach: Wir danken Dir (mit Notenblätter dabei!)

Published on Jan 3, 2013     "We Give You Thanks"

Sinfonia, Cantata 29, BWV 29

"A typically flawless performance of this magnificent Bach piece by Michael Murray....Played on the organ of the Symphony Hall Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1990."

Do you, too, enjoy watching the sheet music, or score, as you listen?   In fact, you might be able to respond to one comment made by ParisAlan1 a year ago regarding a difference in modern transcriptions (both are French):  

But in fact, the score we're seeing is the Alexandre Guilmant transcription, and what is being played is the Marcel Dupre version, the difference being a quasi-transference between the treatments of the left hand and pedal parts throughout the piece; follow along carefully, and listen, and you'll see.  I prefer this Dupre version, of which I've always thought Michael Murray made the definitive recording. Thanks!

A fascinating comment all around. --rsb

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