Saturday, November 8, 2014 for interactive ways to learn German

 Mit Herrn Antrim

He speeds up his demo just when he shares the family members lesson with us.  I suggest viewing this lesson on your own to learn that important and interesting vocabulary.

I used an email address to establish an account.  Herr Antrim suggests that you need to pay for any  accounts on your hand-held devises, which for instance Duolingo does not.

HERE IS THE FAMILY LESSON.  Let me know if it opens for you.

Right thereafter this lesson, Herr Antrim demonstrates the interactivity parts of BUSUU.  The friend challenge sounds pretty cool to me.  Also, meeting up with other learners at your level.  Correcting other people's English in exchange for someone looking over your German is set up automatically.  I wonder how many points you can earn by doing lots of this kind of correcting, and whether you might even be able to support the (~$8) monthly fee through this method.

I like the colorful videos, the voices, and some of the exercises, which compare favorably to what Duolingo has to offer.  Another place where Duolingo shines is that it allows you to complete a unit to 100% without paying for the review exercises.

Do you want to set a goal of 1-2 hours of German per week?   I'm not sure if Duolingo has that feature.


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  1. I just signed up for this and it looks really good. I'll let you know how it goes.