Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sam in Stuttgart über Fenster

  die Rolllade   = roll shades    (ROLL-Lade )
  die Rollladen = plural
  die Rouladen = delicious beef wraps stuffed with mustard and pickles   (Rou-LA-den)

Sam Walton is funny!

3 German comments:
Hey,  it's so funny to see how excited someone can be about things we use daily...^^
But, if I may correct you, it's actually "Rollladen" with 3x L, it means something like "rollable blinds" (Fensterläden = window blinds). And the accent is supposed to be on the first syllable because it specifies the type of "Laden".
I really like this series of videos, please continue as long as you want, I will watch them all! :D
Most of the front doors in Germany will have a lock trigger that can be pulled up to unlock the door, means, you then can simply push the door open without any handle neccessary. This has the advantage that you don't need a key and when you are back inside, you can pull the lock trigger down again to lock the door and make the inside handle or a key from outside being required again to open the door..... Disatvantage: Every one who is aware that the lock trigger is „deactivated“ can enter your home without a key and it easily happens that you forget to pull down the lock trigger again. :)
One addition: the front door of my apartment building has a switch on the inside (when you open the door and look at the lock). If you tilt that switch you can just pull/push open the door without a key.

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