Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Chocolate

Have you ever received a Jacquie Lawson E-Card?  This is the second time I've posted the reference material they include that accompanies their remarkable artwork and greeting. -- rsb.

The chocolate industry has been enjoying an Easter bonus for about one hundred and fifty years, largely due to two important developments in chocolate manufacture: the invention of a press for separating cocoa butter from the cocoa bean (Cönräd Van Houten-from Amsterdam-1828); and the introduction of purer forms of cocoa.

The first chocolate Easter eggs were made in Germany (and France) during the first half of the nineteenth century and were often solid and decorated with marzipan.

The British families of Fry and Cadbury provided the means to create mass produced molded eggs in the second half of the century, traditionally filled with sugared almonds or other confectionery.

French, Dutch, Belgian and German chocolatiers continued to innovate and exchange ideas. From Germany, for example, came the 'crocodile' finish that, by breaking up the smooth surface, disguised minor imperfections – a technique that has been continued and adapted until the present day.

The introduction of milk chocolate made the Easter egg extremely popular, although dark chocolate eggs are seen as more sophisticated by many.

Do you have a favorite at Easter?


  1. Ich lieb milchschokolade Eier am Ostern. Viele wunderbar dinge vom Deutschland kommen.

  2. Kinder Eier sind meine Favoriten . Es ist schade, sie nicht in den Vereinigten Staaten

  3. v. Simone am 14 Mai: Ich finde die Geschichte von Schokolade interessant. Meine Lieblingsschokolade ist Zartbitter (dunkel). Waren die 1. Ostereier echt in Deutschland geschmuckt (19. Jahrhundert)?