Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maybebop: Lieder aus 2014

Only a handful of these songs are familiar to me, but all are "hoerbar," (=listenable)! Genial! --rsb

  • Wer friert uns diesen Moment ein?
  • Doch manchmal traume ich nur von dir.. das du mich hoerst. ich waere heute zu gern bei dir..
  • I'm slowly drifting away...
  • Am I wrong?  Thinking
  • And I see fire , there, inside the mountain, burning the trees.
  • When burning up, we might as well be lovers on the sound ...
  • Atemlos durch die Nacht...bis der neue Tag erwacht.
  • It's hot out here, for a bit...
  • You never said a word, you didn't send me no letter..
  • When I met you in the Summer, my heart beats... 
  • Rise like a Phoenix...
  • My house in Budapest...
  • I'm addicted to you
  • I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass (no treble)
  • OK, cuz I know you'll shine even on a rainy day...and I can find a halo
  • 'cause I'm happy I belong, if you feel like happiness is the truth
  • And you will find for it ..all your life you will struggle...learn to fly
  • Every day, every hour
  • If fuhl dieses Kribblen im Bauch  --- so ist die Liebe
  • Guck mal was sie gemacht hat
  • Down to the Riptide.
  • When the beat drops out, and the people are gone.. it'll still be there for me.. I'm yelling timber
  • Ein hoch auf uns! Auf dieses Leben.  Auf den Moment, der immer bleibt.
  • Geronimo...
  • Lass uns gehen...
  • I keep going to the River to pray.

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