Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna --with Conchita !

Sie hat eine neue Platte.  Mal hoeren!

Leider war Oesterreich ganz zuletzt dieses Jahr, mit Deutschland kaum besser: im zweitletzten Platz!

Andreas Kuemmert, mit Heart of Stone, hat den Platz fuer Deutschland gewonnen.  (He won the slot for Germany):

But he bowed out, leaving the competition to 21-year-old Ann Sophie to sing a jazzy number about breaking up...Black Smoke.

"How long can we pretend... Don't have the heart to say..Will never be the same. Cuz you said you'd never let me go... Too hot...We're only left with smoke; black smoke."

Aber welches Lied hat gewonnen?  Aus Schweden:  We're Dancing With the Demons in our Minds, von Mans Zilmerloew


  1. Really could not make out who won - too bad that Andreas Kuemmert backed out, because he had the best vocals and song - too bad for Germany!

  2. Ja, Andreas Kummert war sehr gut. Ich wunche, er hat nicht weg gehen.

  3. I think my favorite singer was Andreas Kümmert too! But all the s