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Rammstein repost

  1. Tuesday, December 14, 2010
  2. Mehr zu RAMMSTEIN: MSG  (I understand there are now YOUTUBES on this concert. Amazing.  Hope you feel inspired to check it out after reading this. -- rsb)
  3. Here's one posting I found in ENGLISH by a US college student regarding her exposure to RAMMSTEIN, and what attending the concert meant to her.  To help those of you looking for more Rammstein titles, they're all here in blue.                  

    By the way, the largest operating US AF base in Germany -- near "K-town" (actually, Kaiserslautern, of World Cup 1954 fame) -- bears a similar name to this band: Ramstein. 

    -- > What do you think?  -- > Do you like the same songs as she?  

    "Re: Wegen Rammstein lernen Amerikaner Deutsch"  

    To support what the DIE WELT Journalist says about how Rammstein has helped motivate students to learn German, please read the following student reflection. This student took Spanish in high school and never thought about doing anything in German. German, Rammstein-style has proved contagious for her.
  4. “I knew right away that this Rammstein event at Madison Square Gardens was going to be something that I would remember for the rest of my life. So the night before the concert I carefully planned out what I was going to wear. In anticipation, I also listened to my Rammstein playlist. I was absolutely STOKED and it wasn’t even the day of the concert. 

    By the time Concert day came, my mind was a mess of excitement.

    Having listened to them on the way up, I could not sit still en route to the concert-- nor could anyone else around me. I sensed that most everyone present had a pent - up desire, having waited for Rammstein’s Return for an eternity. After all, it had been ten years since their last visit here
    As for me, I’ve only been a Rammstein fan since 2007! But in the three years since my first exposure in college to the video Du Hast, I fell in love -- with Rammstein’s emotionally turbulent style. Their music was incredibly cathartic throughout the best and worst times of my young adult life. Therefore, once “the wall” came tumbling down, and the crowd essentially lost it in anticipation, I too found myself completely overwhelmed with an emotion that I have yet to name.

    Not surprisingly, Rammstein played many songs from their new album, which excited me since their song “Haifisch” is amongst my favorites (Reise, Reise” and “Rosenrot” being the other two). I wasn’t alone to have been expecting them to include the very critical song, “Amerika.” After all, Rammstein isn’t a band known for censoring themselves. But I was absolutely enthralled over the selection they played after that main segment, YES, even though they hadn’t even played any of my favorites! I also felt sure that they’d be coming back for an Encore. We got THREE! After screaming my ever-loving lungs out, they greeted use with “Die Sonne” -- another of my most loved songs! Shortly thereafter, out came those chords; it was “Haifisch” time!

    I screamed so loud that my friends started to become somewhat concerned!

    I was *so *elated that they hadn't skipped my favorite song! Why, I just, Dear Lord.... even just now remembering my emotions sends me into a state of absolute speechlessness. It was heaven-sent.

    Then, when they followed with “Ich Will”, the crowd actually seemed to become a sea of screams! Hair! Hands! I felt so privileged to actually BE THERE! Yes! To have been there to witness it; indescribeable. 

    The grand finale “Engel”, were 8 more-than-amazing minutes; a perfectly fitting climax to a phenomenal evening. Rammstein seemed to be honoring us for having participated in this evening with them

    After the lights came on, I simply had to sit down for a while. I was so moved by the performance that I could do nothing else. I was spent. We all were. We all just "knew." We knew that we witnessed a performance akin to the Beatles Concert at Shea Stadium in 1965, or the Jimmy Hendrix performance at Woodstock. Revolutionary. That was all that there was to it. We had witnessed a revolutionary concert, and to say that we were bewildered by it all would be an understatement.

    Rammstein is the first German band to break such ground in the United States. Their presence here is obviously welcome! They have ignited so much passion for the German language here, that it seems to me they deserve be officially commended for it. 

    I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be this far ahead in my German studies if it hadn’t been for Rammstein. I think they helped get me addicted to learning German. They continue to inspire me by their lyrics and song writing. In fact, I even wrote a 300,000 word novel, which incidentally includes segments on the wide-spread and amazing linguistic addiction there is in the USA to Rammstein. 

    Therefore, the fact that I was in attendance that night on December 11th 2010 in Madison Square Garden really means the world to me. I will cherish the memory of that concert for as long as I live." (Theresa S.)
    1. Rammstein is one of my favorite bands; they should definitely come to the US and give a motivational concert.  If it were here at our high school, it would be one of the greatest events of this high school. ever.
    2. I think it's great that music can help inspire someone to learn a language. One of the reasons why I took German in my middle school was because of Rammstein (although I rarely listen to them anymore).
  5. Wao i didn't know Rammstein was the first German band to break in the United States. But I do not blame this girl at all. I would have felt like her (so excited) if I was there.
  6. Rammstein needs to do more concerts in America. I know they've been banned from Springfield, MA due to their antics at their previous concert, but that was almost 15 years ago.


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