Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wie sieht Krieg aus?

Here's what war looks like:

Berlin, 1945.

Amazing footage of the streets, including

  • few working cars
  • lots of Russian military
  • quite a few bikes
  • a building collapsing
  • a woman rescuing some fabrics from a bombed out 3rd floor dwelling
  • "Trummerfrauen" -- a bucket-brigade removing rubble
  • the famous Adlon Hotel among other ruins
  • Museum Island
  • the Straßenbahn is back (street car)
  • aerial shots at the end.  

Footage is of remarkable quality.
Thanks to Konstantin von zur Mühlen und Arne Körner of Chronos (Berlin TV) for editing and publishing.


  1. it is incredible to see what Berlin looked like in 1945.There was such horrible destruction, but it was everyday life for the citizens.