Sunday, May 17, 2015

Historic village near Mainz, but in Bayern, Amorbach

Leave it to Andrew Bossom to feature a village not mentioned in yesterday's post.

I couldn't resist keying along as I watched this a second time:

Tithe Barn
Timber framed house:  Templer's Haus
Mary's Peace Column 17th Century; town was spared.
Lion's Club anniversary with Kyrgyzstani Guests
8th Century Benedictine Monastery
Prince of Leiningen was given this principality as his summer residence.
His son married Princess Victoria, Saxe-Coburg Gotha, but he died young.
She later married Eduard, Duke of Kent, and lived next to the monastery before leaving for England.
They became the parents of Queen Victoria, sealing the current lineage to the british throne.
There is quite a story of the Patron Saint of unhappily married husbands (!)  and also of horses and their riders.  In his honor, nearly every 2nd Sunday in May (since about 880 ! but with several breaks, including a long one from 1848-1948), there is a parade -- featuring plenty of horses.

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