Saturday, August 28, 2010

BERLIN! Besuchen wir eine großartige Hauptstadt!

Was für eine Hauptstadt ist Berlin?

Man sagt, Berlin ist die NEUE Hauptstadt des neuen, wieder vereinigten Deutschlands.

Man sagt, Berlin ist die NEUE Kulturhauptstadt Europas!

Hier in der Englischen Zeitschrift CONDÉ NAST, September 2010: TRAVELER, liest man folgendes:

--> BERLIN wird wahrscheinlich die ÖKOLOGIE HAUPTSTADT DER WELT!


-->Glaubst Du, Du könntest in Berlin auch glücklich sein?

--> This article is so filled with superlatives, that I though it would be fun to list them all. Share your list with our class.

But first, select your very favorite superlative, and add it below! (Make sure yours is unique to any other superlatives already posted.)

•PLUS-PÜNKTE: Jede Woche darf man einen neuen Plus-Punkt bekommen. Schreib Deinen Lieblingssuperlativ hier auf! Mach nur mit!

- -

AUCH, muss ich von PILPOT, seinen neuen VIMEO, LITTLE BIG BERLIN hier inkludieren. Der Film ist einfach lustig. Man schaut heimlich von oben, auf das Berliner Leben da unten, als ob die Stadt aus lebendigen Legos wäre.

Findest Du es auch lustig? FILM

--> Welche Szene im Film ist DEINE Lieblingszene?


  1. I read the article, I thought it was really interesting how green Berlin really is.

  2. Question about the article: why would you want to drink out of a shoe???

    Odd cups aside, that article is fascinating! Berliners really seem to know what they're doing.

    Could I be happy in Berlin... Well, honestly, I do not love cities. I like having trees, and fresh air, and space. However, Berlin sounds like the kind of city that I could like. So maybe.

    Diesen Woche ist meinen Lieblingssuperlativ 'greenest.'

    Ich Liebe das Film.

    My favorite scenes were (I can't pick just one!) the ones at the beginning with the fountain and the cars leaving and entering parking spaces, as well as the ones where the light changed and the playground with the trampolines.


  3. I read this article and thought it was great how much this man loved Berlin and wanted everyone to know about it.

  4. I think it's wonderful that Berlin is able to be so eco-friendly. Hopefully other cities will be follow in their footsteps. I would also love to live in a great city like Berlin.

    Mein Lieblingssuperlativ ist largest.

    The film was very cool too. I love the look of the time-lapse.

  5. I was surprised when I watched the film and saw so many people walking everywhere instead of drving.

    Matt Weber

  6. I am surprised on how eco friendly Berlin really is

  7. I loved the description of all the new buildings, like having a ceiling out of glass that was the floor for the next level. I'm so excited to visit Germany!

  8. Reading this article really makes me want to visit Germany. I had no idea Germay was so eco-friendly. Each of the descriptions of the buildings were very detailed. It made me feel as if I was really there!

  9. Flying home from MPLS/St. Paul today I spied this interesting article in the weekend St. Paul Pioneer Press:

    TITLE: YOUNG ISRAELIS MOVE TO BERLIN IN DROVES ... (to) embrace city's freedom, tolerance

    Worth checking out; article give more reasons to accept Berlin's unique hospitality. -- RSB

  10. I did not know that Germany was trying to be really green. I think that is cool and I love how the author described everything about Germany.

  11. This guy is so enthusiastic about Berlin and what a wonderful city it is, reading what he has written makes me feel like I'm looking into someone's face as they're beaming up at me and chattering on about their favourite thing. He speaks of Berlin like a schoolboy speaks of his prettiest teacher when she wears a short dress to school. From what he says Berliners are enthusiastic about converting to a green way of life, unlike we Americans who usually see anything that benefits the environment as bothersome, a silly thing meant for courage-less hippies and their kind. The Germans know what is important, they are not so selfish with their energy expenditures. How I wish I had the money to visit Germany!

  12. I like what Berlin has done to be Green. I really liked the part where he mentioned that he was testing out a new Electric BMW. Seeing how popular BMW really is, I think this car will also help to make things greener for not only Berlin, but the whole world.

  13. wao. mit diese descriptions, ich will Berlin besuchen. das ist sehr shon article.. ich liebe vegetation.. und shon buildings..

  14. This is a really cool article. It really proves that lots of countries around the world are truly trying to go green

  15. Thanks for using my photo of the "Leipziger Platz". Just for the records to achieve the license rules:

    Photographer: Raimond Spekking
    License: cc-by-sa-3.0