Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who is Joachim Löw (a.k.a. Jogi Löw) ?

I'm learning about a third nationally known a cappella music quintet (after "die Prinzen" from Leipzig, and "die Wise Guys," from Cologne). This quintet (also from Cologne) is named BASTA.

I came across one of their songs in an online TV interview, and think you might find the melody, along with some of the text, to be familiar.

I think it's fun watching the singers play FOOSBALL in front of the Kölner Dom, and listening to their World Cup predictions!

--> Did you figure out who Joachim Löw is?

--> Can you imagine this song being sung by football fans in a stadium?

The interview provided a tease. Are you ready to hear the full song?!

• Certainly the focus is on the recent WORLD CUP in South Africa, with comments on famous football players and various teams. (I'll bet you are at least a bit familiar with Ronaldo and David Beckham.)

• One reason to have updated the original animation may have been to better illustrate England's good humor. (The rivalry between Germany and England is INTENSE! How does the animation stoke the flames here?)

• Did the "high-flying Serbs run smoothly through the USA"? (NO! No team ran through us! But for the record, Ghana advanced over us in a heart-breaker to play Uruguay in the Quarter Finals -- where Uruguay beat Ghana, 4:2.) So, we know that the lyrics were not updated, only the illustrations. (We also know, from the song's first chorus how weak those are: "We have the best hotel," which indicates that we shouldn't bother letting our feathers get ruffled over the Serbian reference.)

• Another obvious "improvement" is the illustration to the line about how France "held itself together," (when in truth, France more or less self-destructed).

• Don't miss spotting the Chancellor of Germany (Angela Merkel). Even more famous is the Bavarian she is standing next to.


--> If you are wondering who the Lena is, check below in July: EUROVISION Song Contest

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